Meross MSG200

I have a MSG200 that the “Meross” app says is supported, unfotunatly it is not I have contacted the app provider who is useless they just comment back “Under Developemnt” over a year ago.

Can anyone please tell me if there is a way to add the device to Homey in another app or way, the way I have to get it to work is connected it on “SMARTTHINGS” and use the SMARTTHINGS intergration. This is not ideal as I purchased homey to replace my SMARTTHINGS hub but now need to run both. I dont want to run both solution so I will have no choice but to go back to SMARTTHINGS if I cannot get this device working that I thought was supported but it not anf cannot get the developer to do anything about it.

If the app developer stopped working on the app, all you can hope for is that a) you can find another developer to take over app development and b) that the original developer is willing to sign over the app.

Otherwise, I don’t think there’s a way to get the device working directly with Homey.

I do understand that What I do not like is that the app is still on the website with the name “Meross” and still says it supports the MSG200 as a device. Homey should remove the app or at least do some checks to make sure the information is correct, and the app supports what it claims. The developer should be told to remove the device as support or fix the app this has been going on for a year. I have seen others with the same issue now even stating that the bought Homey and the device because when research they believed it to be support. I guess Athom B.V just like taking people’s money and not provide any governance or policing to apps even after people complain.

This is the community forum. If you want to talk to Athom about your issue, you should submit a support request:

Thats easy to say…

I have reported this in support, got no response followed the guidelines and contacted the developer Bence Palatin got no response, did a review of the app got “Under Development” over a year ago. The app from first release I used said it supported the device but it never worked.

So yes this is a comunity site, where you put your issues accros, that is what I have done.

What is it that you’re trying to achieve? We as community can’t help you with your issue, so it’s not easy to say, it’s the only thing we can say.

Just that the people who come here and use the comunity know that the MSG200 DOES not work even though in an app on the app site it says it is supported. Is’nt that what a comunity site should do…Inform people…

You asked: “Can anyone please tell me if there is a way to add the device to Homey in another app or way”.

And I answered that question. It might not be the answer you were hoping for, but that’s pretty much as far as any community member can get you.

And I acknowledged your rely, you then relied about support tickets etc…and I replied to say I had done that…you then started bleating about my reply, maybe you did not like something I wrote who knows, the fact is I have used the community for what it should be used for regardless of what you think of my reply.