Meross plugs not working

I‘ve added some Meross plugs via the Meross app to Homey. They appear with the right name but does not react - not manually, not in flows. Via the original Meross app the plugs work well. Any idea how to solve that? I reinstalled the app, and restarted Homey - no success.

Thanks for the help!

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This is the place where you can ask for adding devices to the app.

I’ve found that it’s only the Meross plugs model MSS 210 that have the logic to be controlled by the Meross plugin. They’re a little bigger and more expensive but work very well in Homey.

That said, I found I have to restart the meross app nightly to stop it crashing (but then I do work Sonos and Honeywell Evohome too)

(haha, just realised this is a six month old thread!)

Hmm Meross app stopped working today… Homey said it informed the developer. Anybody else have problems? My MSS 210 Plugs are not working via homey anymore.

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I bought a new Meross Plug (MSS210) but I cannot include it to Homey.
I get the following message:

Anyone how can help?


I hade the same problem, you have to add your Meross account details in the app in homey.
Find the app in homey and go to settings in the upper right corner and add your info. After that it worked for me