Meross equipment

Anyone have experience or news on managing Meross equipment through Homey controllers

I have many switch of this brand and i wish some developper make an app for our homey please🥺

Thanks but already did this😉

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need that too

Still no Meross support ? :cry:

Doesn’t look like Meross supplies API documentation, so developing and maintaining an app will probably be a royal pain. But it has IFTTT support, so of you’re willing to pay for IFTTT you can connect through that.

Which multiple socket do you recommand instead ?

Sorry, no experience in that department.

I added all of my Meross devices (2 plugs and 2 multiple plugs) through Alexa.
There is a dedicated skill for Alexa; once activated I can find them in Homey using the Homey Alexa App and searching for plugs.
The multiple plug shows the main channel (blue circle), the 4 plugs and the USB ports separately.

Have about 12 of these plugs running. Can’t seem to find a way to do that with Google Home…

I wrote to Meross this morning. Don’t expect much, but if there is enough requests they might at least consider bringing Homey support.

Is it possible to add it without any Amazon products, just the app ?

It’s really easy to add all the Meross plugs through Smartthings app, since there is a specific Meross integration. Once added to the app, just install the Smartthings App on Homey (in the Homey Community Store) and configure it following the instructions.
You will be able to add all the Meross plugs and see them as plugs.

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Thank you so much !!! Works perfectly !!! Amazing !!! :heart_eyes:

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Is there perhaps a description of how to set it up? Unfortunately, I can’t get it to work.

Bernd Hüster

In which way are you trying to set it up? If you can add the devices to the Smartthings app (not the app for Homey, but the mobile app made by Samsung), you should be able to add them to Homey (through the Smartthings app for Homey I linked in my previous post).

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Finally there is an App! Meross App per Homey | Homey

I was able to add my Surge Protectors and my Outdoor Plug. Can’t add a MSS310 plug.


Finally a Meross app for our beloved Homey!!Thanks to the developper!
Can you add the Mss310 plug please?

Hi, i have, i think, the only two products that aren’t in the app. They are the Shutter Window MRS100 and the MTS200 for electric underfloor heating.

Is it possible to add it to Homey?

Thank you all, and specially the developer :slight_smile:


Hello everybody,

I have a Meross surge protector MSS425 and though it’s listed in the supported devices, I get an error message when I try to add it : "cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘data’).

I also tried trhough the smartthings app but I cannot even install this app, the “Install” button is greyed…

Can you help a new Homey pro fan :slight_smile: ?

I found my mistake :rofl:

The error message I mentionned above means : “Hey, Dumbo, you forgot to give me your Meross ID and password, how the heck am I supposed to connect ?”

So, you just have to remember to go into the app settings and enter your Meross account infos :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

May my mistake help others :innocent: