How to add meross MSS110 Smart Wifi Plug to Homey

The plugs have been installed properly and are showing in the meross app and in homekit. Now I want to see them in homey. I have logged into the app in homey with my meross credentials, but when I want to add devices I see “No devices found”. What should I do to add the MSS110 Smart Wifi plugs to homey?

Brgds Bernard

Hello did you happen to find the solution for your MSS110 outlets? I have them in HomeKit and the Meross app but Homey does not see them.

Unfortunately not yet - would love to get some ideas!

For the time being you can make a virtual device in homey. Then with homekitty to Apple homekit and make there, an automation to follow the virtual device from homey.
I do this at the moment with rollershutter MRS100 and that works!

Interesting - I found another solution which was to install on the phone the SmartThings app from Samsung and link my Meross account. Then install SmartThings Hub from Homey Community Store. This allowed me to add it as a device.

I can see your way working as well. Thanks for the input!

I got this from the developer:


Please try the test version of the App.

Also I’m created a new space where you can contact me or suggest some new ideas or report bugs.

Meross Homey app Slack