Meross App: MSS110 not connecting

Hi, I’ve just bought some Meross MS110 mains switches.

I’ve added one though the official Meross app, and then tried to add it to Homey Pro (2023).

I get an error when adding the device to Homey (see attached).

Is this a known issue?

The error was because I hadn’t put my Meross username and password into the App config. I’ve done that now and the error has gone away.

However, my Meross switch isn’t being detected on Add Device. The App says it supports the MS110, so it ought to be found.

Does anyone else have a similar problem?

Is there anyone here who uses Meross devices at all? If not I’ll return them and get something else. Ideally I would prefer to work to get the problem resolved though. (I’ve emailed the app author, but no response yet.)

The developer who wrote the application is a very kind and polite person. He tries to help immediately. Since it is New Year’s week, he may be on vacation. Apart from single socket, double socket and quadruple socket, I have a single garage door relay and I use it without any problems.

I’ll try him again then. For some reason I thought that it was Meross them selves that supported the app.

I’ve emailed him 4 or 5 times since Christmas, but not got a response yet.

I’m going to have to return the Meross devices by the end of January. Hope he replies soon.

Ok. I’ve given up and returned them to Amazon.

I did get an email from Meross about using the wrong API. I wonder if they’ve changed something without notice.

I’m going to try again with a Matter device and see if that works any better.

Meross, the company, changed the API so it seems.
Now the Meross app developer has to adjust the app, so it’s able to connect with the API again.

Workaround: Use the SmartThings 2 app:

That’s crazy. No one can have critical systems if the vendor is prone to making non-backwards compatible changes… Also the Meross app is not open source and so it can only be supported by a single developer - who appears to be away.

In light of this I’ve returned the Meross devices. I’m going to try something Matter based to hopefully be immune from this kind of issue as n the future.

Fingers crossed

Yes, you’d stay away from everything cloud based. Local connections (zigbee, zwave etc) don’t use API’s in general.

Yeah. Automation that is locally controlled but requires someone else’s cloud is a complete anti pattern.