App + Meross Smart Power Strip

I recently read that the meross app has been repaired due to a crash that occurred some time ago. I have 3 pieces of MSS425e Smart Power Strip and they previously worked with the old version of the application. So I reinstalled the meross app and I have a problem with adding devices. After selecting from the list and entering the login and password, I get this message. Do you know what’s wrong or what I’m doing wrong?

Hi Damian,

Did you uninstall the ‘old’ app before installing the ‘new’ one, as announced?

It’s probably best to contact the developer when the issue persists:

Unfortunately, there is no contact information for the author of the app, there is no email address linked to it.
So I have no way to contact you.

I just opened the meross app store page, and the email link works perfectly fine?
(Hit play button)

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