Meross mss310

Hi community.

I am a new user with homey pro. I would like work with my mss310 from merros
but the system cannot detect this on my homey pro.

Please help me.

Thank you

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Have you tried the Meross App Meross App for Homey | Homey
and if you did, tried to contact the developer as there are links in the App store to contact them.

According to the app description, the WiFi Plug MSS310 is not supported yet. So you have to contact the app developer.

The developer does not respond. I need the mss310 app too… Is there an other way?

With Amazon Alexa app for Homey,you can integrate lights and sockets in your Homey
I manage to install the MSS310 plug but i have only the On/off option,no power consumption sadely.

well it is something, but the energy measuring is the very very interesting part to control the home… in combination with sun panels and optimise the energy use of the panels… who can help???