Meross mss810

Hello, i just bought interruptor MSS810 of MEROSS and i can’t succeed to connect it to my HomeyPro 2023. If someone got an idea to help me thx you very much

As can be clearly seen in the App Store (Link), this device is not yet supported by the app. Please contact the app developer.

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There is no other way to sync it with the box ? i thought the homey with compatible with everything ?

Athom’s marketing department strikes again :roll_eyes:

Because why? Where did you get this information from?

  1. There is no single SmartHome gateway that is compatible with ALL smart devices, and that will never happen.
  2. If you are able to program an app, you can also use the MSS810 in-wall switch with Homey, but not the one for HomeKit! Or you can contact the app developer as already suggested and wait for them to add the switch. Sometimes it doesn’t take long, sometimes it takes a long time, sometimes the app is not updated at all. The only one who can tell you that is the app developer himself.