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Does anyone know if the Meross App is still supported? I’ve tried emailing support and the message is read but I do not receive any repsonse (tried a few times now).

I’ve seen a few posts over last 18 months trying to get the MSG100 Garage Door opener and the new Smart Plugs added but doesn’t seem as if supported any more - anyone any ideas?

If not, any good recommendation for Garager Door opener module? (just simple short two connections to toggle open/close)? and, any thoughts on best Smart Plugs for UK to use on Homey Pro?

Thanks all


Which protocol do you prefer?

Hi Peter
Not really that fussed on protocol as long as stable. I guess Matter/Thread would be good but not released yet without a hub (just doscovered after aquiring a sensor from Aqara!) and most of my current stuff is on ZigBee so I guess ZWave to balance things out. I have the Meross ones and they are really good and high quality but missing from the App and I’ve emailed support a few times but no reponse, message is read but no answer so I’m guessing the community app for Meross is no longer supported. I have their msg100 garage door opener too so looking for a good alternative to that as well. I was going to use IFTTT and webhook for short term but Meross has dropped support for IFTTT.

Eve seem to make some nice products and supported allbeit a bit expensive.

Everything else is going great and creating some amazing flows using the advanced flow, really impressed so far.

Cheers Darrell

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Hi Darrell,

I use zigbee Ikea and Lidl (single and 3-way) sockets without issues.

Thanks Peter, I’ll take a look. I’m still hopefull to try and use the Meross given the amout I have but depends on their support, yours look like a good alternative option. are they generic or are you using with an App?

YW. You can use Ikea and Lidl/Tuya zigbee app, but no app is needed for on/off zigbee devices.

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Thanks Peter

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I just installed my meross garage door opener today only to find out that the homey integration doesnt work at all :frowning:

You can add the device but that’s it… doesnt open or close at all when using Homey.

Hi There
I suspect you are having same issue I had with the MSG100 Smart Garage Door Opener (Meross Smart Garage Door Opener Remote Control - MSG100) which is not curently supported in the Meross App so you cannot get it to work. I’ve contacted the support email 5-6 times now for this and the newer smart plugs to see if they will be added and the emails are read but no response so I assume it is now unsupported and they wont be added any time soon.

If your Garage door is a simple two wire i.e. how the MSG100 works then I’ve found an alternative which is the Fibaro Smart Implant (Smart Implant - to make your old device smart | FIBARO) which is fully supported on Homey Pro. You can use an output on this to open/close door and one of the sensors to see if it has opened etc. (note: don’t use same input channel as output as they are linked internally and can cause some issues) e.g. use output 1 to trigger the open/close and input 2 to check door sensor.

Hope that helps (assuming you are using the MSG100).

Sorry for the late reply, I’m using the MSG200 that should be supported. I can add the device but it doenst function.

I’ve setup home assistant just for this device and then added it to Homey through the home assistant app. This works perfectly but it’s stupid to have to run dedicated Intel NUC to control this device.

But now that I have home assistant running, I might also use it more if I have the time to figure out how it works… :slight_smile:

I see the msg100 Garage Door Opener has now been added to Meross App which is great news for me but when trying to add device in Homey Pro it’s not found. The unit is working fine in the Meross native App so I it’s not a unit fault - has anyone else configured one of these yet and got it working?

waiting for your sharing!

You having the same issue then?

Yes, so I want to find some solution from your post.

Is yours a uk version? I’m thinking it may be location related as they’ve added the ms110 plugs recently too but they don’t show up either in a search although icon shows EU version - just a thought

Is there any support for the smart thermostat MTS200HK from the Melross App?

I’m considering buying either MSG100 or MSG200 (not that big price difference, but only have one garage door). Have anyone gotten either one to work well with Homey (Pro 2023)?

Does not inspire confidence to see someone struggling and then no new posts, I’d be happy to buy the MSG200 if that means it works for sure while MSG100 is having issues.

Hi there
Good news, Meross just responded to me (the very helpful Bence) with a test version and the MSG100 and MSS110 Smart Plugs all installed and worked perfectly so guess this will be updated on live shortly.

I can certainly recommend the MSG100 Garage Door opener, I use it all the time and is very stable and reliable (assuming your door just has a button or two wires to short for open/close as most of them do). The open/close and senor all work within flows.

Mine now closes automatically if left open and heavy rain starts or it gets late :slight_smile:


That sounds good, just to be clear when you say test version - do you mean of the Meross mobile app or do you mean the Homey App for Meross?

I’ve done the guide to see if my garage-door opener would work with Meross MSG100/200 and it says it should work. I just want to ensure it plays nice together with Homey Pro 2023 as well since it’s been a bit of a mix in the past with various devices :slight_smile:

It’s working with both, as it is WiFi enabled it can be connected to both Homey Pro and Meross App at same time.

Just been testing this afternoon and all is working well with Homey Flows etc.

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