Which garage door opener relay to buy for Homey Pro

I have 2 gates and a garage door, they all open for button press (non potential contact). The gate is down the plot and quite far from any Z-wave and zigbee range, so only wifi solution plays.
I want a single button for each door and the exclamation mark when the door is open.
The fibaro smart implant does just this exact thing but it is zwave hence I have an issue with range. I’m looking for the same thing that is wifi based. So my requirements:

-Device to have option to act as a button, not a switch
-Should have input for a magnetic switch to sense if the door/gate is open
-The Homey integration to manage the opening sensor in the same button not a separate “sensor” (I was able to achieve this with Shelly Uni but I did not really like that they are separate buttons in the app. When you have many device it is a bit crowded)
-I’m looking for something easy to use as I will have to install this for my parents and I don’t want to deal with Home Assistant or OpenHAB integrations

Thank you

I just ordered one from Meross it can open up to three doors and check their position. Hope it will work well with Homey.


I have bought a Remootio 3 but it has no feedback inside Homey about the actual gate status. I’m a bit sceptical without someone telling me it is working 100%

I see, well I’m not sure about Meross, I just found it. It got magnetic switches to check position. The Meross Homey app got som bad reviews about crashing but I’m hoping they will sort it out eventually.

I had very good experience with the Fibaro Smart Implant. My only problem that it is zwave and it is out of range for me. But the Homey integration is excellent and works as it should be. There is a single button, 1 press open, 2 press close. When gate is open there is a mark on the button telling you. This is how all of them should be.

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Just have a look at the Shelly Uni (WiFi). I don’t have a Uni in use myself, but it seems like the Uni is comparable to the Fibaro Smart Implant.

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I did try the Uni as I mentioned in my first post but with that you have to have 2 button on the Homey screen one for the magnetic sensor and one for the actual button. And the sensor acts like a button but you just use it for feedback. It is kind of odd and for 3 gates you would have 6 buttons on Homey screen.

You wrote something about…

not Shelly Uni.

my bad… I’m littered with all this junk in the house from different brands… non of them has the function I need 100%. I kind of expected Homey to solve the thousand different app issue but in reality it is a partial solution so far.

Don’t you have the possibility to extend the Z-Wave signal via repeaters?
It’s also possible to add an external outdoor antenna to an Z-Wave repeater (Tutorial, only in German, sorry).

Thank you for the tip, I’m going to investigate this solution.

It will require a little tweaking, but Shelly 1 should tick most if not all boxes. It’s got a potential-free output that will emulate a button, just set it up so it automatically opens the relay after a second or so, and I do believe it can report status in the same tile. Beware, only Shelly 1 or Shelly Plus 1 will do, not 1L or 1PM.

cool, thank you i will try

I use Shelly for this purpose, Wifi, cheap, effective. I have a continual problem with magnetic door sensors though as I had to install the sensors at the top of the door travel as the bottom would have been driven over. The top of the door travel is not as consistent as it should be and the magnets not as strong as they should be

Have you thought placing the magnet to the closed position and inverting the state of the of the switch?

I did that from the beginning to avoid having any components driven over