Marantec garage door opener=>coco,z-wave or other ideas?

Hi everybody,

I have a garage door from marantec that i want to control from homey. The remotes are based on rts and use the 868 Mhz frequence+rolling codes. Since the same installer installed my rollershutters/veluxwindows (and knew exactly why i wanted iomotors) , i assumed the door would also have a somfymotor or be compatible with the connexoon io, but it isnt… anyone has an idea that can help me?

On the motorunit it states it works with maveo, wich is a bridge that works on the nymea-protocol. I cant find anythingh at the homeyappstore atm, and i assume if someone develops it that i need to buy the maveobridge anyway?

In the manual i saw theres also an impulse switch-input. Im thinking to connect some relay there. On this moment everything in my house is connected by zigbee or the io-bridge (somfy connexoon), so i need a new protocol then since i cant find any zigbeeswitch a potentialfree relay.

I found the amu-500 from trust coco (former kaku) on the maual from trust i see its posible to use as dooropener, but on the latest kakumanuel it specifically states you can’t use it to open/close doors with it for safetyreasons… so im having doubts on using it.

I also found the fibaro FIBEFGS-222, so im guessing thats the best alternative?

Peehaps there is a better way i don’t see atm, in that case i hope someone here has the solution.

The best place for me to install the relay would be in this outletbox, but as you see thats in the environment of the metal parts of the gate.