Non z-wave door/window sensor, any tips?

I have tried out the Aeotec gen 7 door/window (z-wave) sensors, and am REALLY disappointed by the super low maximum range between Homey and these sensors. They’re already out of homey’s z-wave range at 6 or more meters. Most likely this is due to homey, and not aeotec.

I would like anyone’s advice on alternatives perhaps other z-wave sensors (like fibaro) that perform better?
Perhaps zigbee, 868 or else?

First welcome,

Secondly, i suggest you read the welcome topic. Lot of information how things work on the forum.

There are a lot of topics on the range of homey.

Hey Roy,
Yes I have seen that there’s a ton of topics on that subject, even seen people attaching their own antennas to homey (quite something)!
I’d prefer not to go in that direction, but rather buy good working alternatives to the sensors that I have now.

I would go for the Zigbee Xiaomi door sensors. They are dirt cheap, have a good range and are very power friendly. I have a dozen or so in my house of which 2 in my shed (+/- 20 meters from my Homey).

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I dont think it are the sensors :wink: its more like having a goid mesh in your house.

So you have a good zwave mesh? How many zwave routers (main powerd devices) you have

Hey @Lars_Machiels,
Thanks too!
Sounds good.
Do you also have experience with z-wave sensors and if yes, how did they perform range-wise? And if so, which type/brand were they?
I’m asking this because it gives some reference on how the zigbees perform in comparison with the z-waves.

Hey Roy,
I have only one other z-wave device connected to homey which is the Aeotec multi sensor (its main powered indeed). This is located at 10 cm distance from Homey though. So I guess no (or a very small) mesh, currently.

And u think u gonna manage better with zigbee ? Without router devices?

Maybe spent some time to learn how Zwave or Zigbee works before buying stuff

I think no thing. Why u guessing me am think?

Mesa not guessing, just reading.
U think ur trouble with Z-wave is Homey’s fault, stating here:

U ask for other sensors like zigbee here:

U wonder if zigbee would perform better here:

Now why u think i am guessing?

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Did not know I need to educate myself or do a course on the complete z-wave or zigbee technology before being able to buy an ordinary window / door sensor.
After all homey is designed to use it more or less plug and play.
What I did do though is checking on the Aeotec website what the range is. Up to 50 meter they say…
Disappointed that it maxes out at 6 meters when combined with Homey.

Please keep your comments to yourself, if you like to talk childish like that.
I am seeking for some serious advices on the sensor, no discussions in a weirdo language. @Rocodamelshekima

And i was asking if u would think that zigbee performs better then Z-wave without any router devices.
But i get ur point. Happy hunting m8!

I wasn’t thinking that nor assuming. It was Lars who suggested to use Zigbee instead and I was wondering if I wouldn’t end up with similar range issues and therefore asked him if he had any z-wave experiences before using the zigbees. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Wel, ofcourse i was not talking about homey itself. I refeer to the protocols zwave and zigbee.

And that your saying the device has a range up to 50 meters has nothing to do with homey. Up to 50 meters yes could be in open air with nothing around it, no other signals …

I understand. But what really surprises me is that for any real life practical use, these sensors too quickly become useless, if they max out so soon. It means that using them on - let’s say - your front and backdoor, these doors both need to be at max 6 meters away from Homey
(unless you install a lot of other z-waves devices and create a mesh network).
I’d rather not install a bunch of other devices just for this sake :thinking:.

So you tried one. And then when it didn’t work as expected you immediately assume that ALL sensors are useless? And that the range of Homey is sh*t per definition?
Maybe you should take the advice of @RoyWissenburg and read some stuff about Z-wave and Zigbee protocols and networks before you jump to conclusions.

the max distance relies on that many factors, walls glass ect ect ect. other signals in the air…even signals from your neigbours. But thats why Zigbee and zwave makes a mesh network so that you can have a large and stable network.

For you can be 6 meters the max, for someone else it could 5 or 8. al depends on factors.

And placing some power plugs to extend your mesh, even gives you the opportunities to make your home even smarter. win win i guess.

And also iam thinking if you only want a door/window sensor on your both doors and nothing else why the hell buying a homey then??? would be a expensive for just two sensors.

So take tonight a good drink, and do some googling about the protocols…….and iam 100% sure you next post after that, would be a lot different. :+1::+1::+1:

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I have the same experience. The Homey sphere doesn’t have great zwave range. My experience is that I require at least one other zwave router nearby to get acceptable range throughout my house.
When you will apply more automaton in your house via zwave, you won’t run into any range issues anymore.

I can’t speak for any other hardware, but I can imagine that other smart hubs have the same type of range issues due to the amount antennas in the small case.