Non z-wave door/window sensor, any tips?

Who says I don’t own other smart devices connected to homey??
For one, I own my homey since 5 years, early bird buyer at Kickstarter.
For two, nearly everything in my home is smart and automated (although not with z-wave, except for one multi sensor).
So please, don’t jump to senseless conclusions so quickly…

What a nice welcoming experience to be back at the forum :flushed::sweat_smile:

@anon8748058 Thanks man! Will actually look into a z-wave extender then. Hopefully that’ll be of help!

Of course I can only say something about my own experience with Zigbee. Despite all the negative posts regarding Zigbee in combination with Homey I have no major complaints. I know that in theory Z-wave is better than Zigbee but weighing all pro’s and con’s I prefer Zigbee for its price and power consumption.

I used to have a few Fibaro motion sensors and even tough they worked just fine I had to replace the (expensive) batteries quite often. Now already for about one and a half year I have about 25 Zigbee devices (yes, some of them act as routers) of which I had to replace the battery for +/- 3 devices only. Also taking the price of the devices into consideration (10-15 Euro each) for me Zigbee rules (not saying there’s anything wrong with Z-Wave). Maybe in your situation Zigbee is not good either. It’s just a matter of trial and error I think.

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But reaching the shed also takes some router devices aye?

The funny thing is that the device in the shed connect to Homey directly. I must admit I did the antenna mod though.

Ah, there comes the monkey out of the sleeve!
So Roy and me stating u need extra router devices is useless according to Jon.

Maybe but before the mod it was also working fine.

And that is very user dependend. In one household it works like a charm, in the other it don’t work at all. But hey, Roy also stated that. I for example have triple glass. It’s holding burglars outside, the sun. UV and even Zwave/zigbee. So it’s different for all of us.

If you want a reliable system you need old school copper cable I am afraid. Or a butler.



Ahh iam sorry, that was a wrong assumption from my side :grin:

Let then also not conclude, on forhand that it is homey thats bad, because your sensor says up to 50 meter :wink:


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Thats a Fact yes, if someone knows a 100% working domotica (wireless)system for years. Please tel us😉

In case you care. I use a FIBAROs

They can also report the current power usage, and be configured to be always on (Homey can also do that from a software level since 3.0,but the FIBARO can do it on a hardware level too)
I use them for my washer and dryer. I now get a push message when either is done. (when power consumption is above 100 watt, a variable is set, and when the power consumption is below 3 watt, it sends a push message and resets the variable). Very convinient!

Edit : other ones can probably do the same, but I chose these

Some guy made a nice post about that also!

A really aggressive discussion. I don‘t like it… :worried:

And u just joined that discussion.

I followed the discussion because I also have an Aeotec Door/Window sensor Gen7. Also I could have said something about the “problems”, but the way of the discussion kept me from it, pitty…

It’s always free to say something about your problems m8. And can you tell us something about your mesh also like how many non-battery powered devices you have?

I have 24 non-battery powered devices and I have no range problems with the Aeotec Sensor.


Something with a pot and a kettle. But hey, i really hope you solve your problems.

33 non-battery powered devices (in total 84) and also no issues with the range at all, even my FLIRs are working fine!