Disastrous range Aeotec Door Sensor

I got my ZW089-C. I managed to pair it with homey and the Aeotec App. However, the range is horrible. I have to in the same room in my flat and almost every bit of wall already breaks the signal. I already had to place my homey very close to the door and I even didn’t put it in drilled holes so far. Just testest it manually

My distance is about 6 meters, with the sensor recessed inside door, no problems! But I do have an Aeotec z-wave extender approx one meter from Homey Pro, that could make some difference (+20%)

Thank you TD! Didn’t expect Z-Wave ranges are so short. I guess I can establish a connection in this case but using devices on different floors, my yard and my garage doesn’t seem to be a good idea anymore

Well, the Z-wave mesh technology connects through nodes/devices, not like wifi with a central hub. That means you can extend your network based on the placement of your devices. Sounds like you have a problem with a sensor, try to exclude, reset, then include (battery) it again. If not, return it to the store! Z-Wave has a long open-air operating range at 90 meter (outdoor) and 24+ meter(indoor).

Thanks again! Yes, stumbled across some mesh discussions. Guess I need to build up some knowledge here.