Best Zwave option indorr long range motion sensor/door sensor


I would like to know the best option to look out my Storage Room which is 4 floors below where my flat is placed, therefore the Homey Pro is placed.

I would like to know if Z-Wave connection should be possible for this kind of distance for of indoor connection. If so, which door sensor or motion sensor should I buy?

I think with Zigbee connection will not work due to very long distance, in addition I have a ZigBee network, but I do not have created any Z-Wave network yet.


For both z-wave and zigbee you need to create a mesh, i.e. you need to have routing devices (lamps, plugs, most devices on 230v, not devices on battery) placed on the way down to your storage. If this is not possible you might try WiFi.

Hello @Anders_Gregow, Wi-Fi i not possible due to the range activity zone from my flat to the storage room there are 22 meters and indoors so Wi-Fi range will not be working, so I was thinking to create a new Z-Wave network as Z-Wave door/motion sensor are with 30/50 meters away from the Homey Pro, so if I just create a new Z-Wave network and I place this new sensor directly on my storage room will be working?

30-50 m for z-wave or zigbee will probably not work, you need a router in-between.