What solution for a long house?

I have a big long house (we’re 2 adults and 3 kids), and the garage is in the other end of my kids room… with Philips Hue I had to use 2 hubs, one in the living room that supports all home devices, and another at the garage…

House and garage are connected by UTP cable, and has Wi-Fi via 3 Mesh routers, 2 at home and one in the garage to cover indoor, outdoor and garage…

My question is, if I opt in for the Homey Pro, will it cover everything? I suspect that any smart device in the garage won’t be reachable, how will it work? Do I need to connect the Pro to a Bridge and buy both?

Currently I’m trying to replace both Philips Hue and Tado hubs and then add more devices (Hue, IKEA, etc) and have flows with them

For you that might be in a similar situation, what would you suggest, and bear in mind I’m very new to this system, new as 1 week old :blush::ok_hand:

When you use zigbee/zwave devices they will create a meshed zigbee/zwave network with eachother. So start with the first device nearby the Homey and then built it up further away. If you dont need a device in an area (like some lights or something) you can alway use a zigbee Signal Repeater.

WiFi devices will work with your current WiFi setup as it covers all building.
For 433 MHz-devices you will need a Homey Bridge as a extender (I think it is implemented by Athom now?).

For zigbee and z-wave, as Marco wrote, they will mesh. Start by adding non-battery devices, they will (mostly) all work as repeaters. Place those devices every 10 meters (or less?) all the way to the end of the house.

First of all, welcome to the Homey Community!

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Thank you for all the input, I will start with one device and grow from there :heart: