Connecting multiple Homey Pro in 1 house

Since i have several devices, inorder to have an efficient mesh network, i want to setup Homey Pro in various rooms, however can i interconnect all the Homey Pro into 1 central Homey Pro in the Living Room.
Can this be achieved seamlessly, i don’t find any article on this.

As mentioned on the main forum page:

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I’m new to Homey I have checked but couldn’t find answer hence posted the query.

Pls do the needful in providing the possible guidance

This is your answer

The link Peter send, the first post gives you the answer.

In my opinion, you hardly ever need two homeys. Choose your network zigbee or zwave or both and buy as many repeaters to get a descent mesh. Repeaters are all none battery devices. I use many smart plugs. Which work quite nice. Setting up the mesh will take some time. So after all your repeaters are installed, restart Homey and wait an hour. Most of the time your mesh will be quite nice. Remember zigbee and zwave are two totally different meshes. In that case you need repeaters for zigbee and zwave.

No , because that that is not seamlessly possible you will have two Homey’s cq two Homes to manage.

HUB Mesh, is a good concept of creating a stable zigbee or zwave network and using 1 hub as main controller.

Zigbee and Zwave network are quite weak range, and Homey Pro is not such a high end configuration to take care of plenty of devices, simply because the supported maximum direct child devices are only 15 nos., so even if you have all of them as amplified Aeotec Range Extender / Repeater, they aren’t enough to take load of so many endpoint devices like 200 nos.

I’m greatly concerned that in my use case where i’m using 200 zigbee devices, and 100 zwave device, yes it will work, but might be too much expecting from a tiny car.

Today most Tuya Zigbee hub for a hub mesh and break the entire house into multiple hubs or 1 for each room so have distributed management of home automation.

Thanks for this clarity
But does Homey Bridge also don’t have this feature of integrating multiple bridge installation throughout 1 house

Correct, it doesn’t.

everything you wanted to know and more:

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Thank you for sharing this excellent information link

It was only the 4th link if you would have clicked on my link… :roll_eyes:
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