Setting up new homey with backup - zigbee router/mesh issue

So… I recieved a new Homey after my first one died. Setup new homey, with backup. All is fine except for the Zigbee. I can’t add any new Zigbee devices. This is no surprise because Homey is currently busy with 26 direct connections :scream:. New homey is running for 2 days now. Last router added since 1 day (forgot to plug it in). Currenly have three routers, but they are not routering much… Used to have three more routers (tradfri bulbs) but they are not in homey anymore (had to reset to add to switch because Homey was broken)

So my question is? Do I need to wait for other devices to re-route to the routers? Is there anything else i can do?

For 26 devices in total? That’s not enough to build a stable network. I would suggest at least 10 routers (and probably a Zigbee reset too, start over by adding router devices first, then end devices).

Ok, so if I’m correct. I need at least 10 router ZigBee items for a total of 35 ZigBee endpoints? For now only solution is do a ZigBee reset, add routers first, then add rest of items, then repair all flows?

There’s no magic formula, but 3 routers on 26 devices certainly is too few. With 35 Zigbee devices you might run into other issues, because of Homey’s limited Zigbee support.

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