Zigbee sensors

how many Zigbee sensors you can connect to the Homey. it is also possible to expand this number. I now have 17 devices and I can no longer add Zigbee devices before I delete 1 first.

Thanks for the help.

That’s the max indeed. You need more routing devices (powered : bulbs, sockets etc)…

This is very basic info that’s surprisingly hard to find when you start…
I was struggling to add more devices (suddenly…) and now I understand why.
And i have my “routers”, the smart plugs all on one side of the house. So i guess they need to be spread out as well. So there is a path via end devices and routers.

I have around 55 devices connected to Homey, and indeed notice the system has become unstable (not all devices switched on/off correctly every time).
Discovering the very limited no of devices that Homey Apparently can handle is a very big dissappointment.
Is there a way to increase this?

Yes, start using zwave devices.