Limitation of Zigbee devices?

hello, I currently have 19 zigbee type devices, I can no longer add any more (sensor/switch on battery etc). I know there is an imitation around 20 however I have several “routers” among the 19 which should allow me to go beyond 20 right? my problem comes from elsewhere?

Nop, that’s not thru…

it depends on your Homey model! and than it is either “a Lot direct children” or “up to 15 direct Clildren” nothing with around 20 …
Edit: A Lot for Homey Pro (Early 2023) and up to 15 for Homey Bridge AND Homey (Pro) Model (Early 2016-1019)

For Bridge: Creating-a-stable-Zigbee-network-with-Homey-Bridge and other Pro Creating-a-stable-Zigbee-network-with-Homey-Pro

Seeing your screenshot, it looks lik you have a Homey (Pro) Model (Early 2016-1019)
So up to 15 direct children…

Your Screenshot shows only 4 direct children! (#10 , #12, #15 and #19)

So That’s not the issue…

So you are probably out of range, or in range from a router that is already full (fe # 12 is busy with already serving 10 others at the moment you created the screenshot.)

Try adding more routers… or closer to… Homey / another Router with more slots free.

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It seems that a recovery mode helped to resolve the situation :slight_smile: Nothing to do with the quantity, thanks for the feedback!

Can you elaborate on that? While only enabling recovery mode itself does not change anything.
Take @Dijker 's advice and rebuild your zigbee mesh I’d like to say, otherwise the issue you had will pop up again.

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Is it possible that for some reason (update, bug…) the zigbee search no longer worked and that the reboot made it possible to restart the search?

Before the restart, whether battery switches or an Aqara port sensor, none were “visible” during attempts to add (via the Tuya or Aqara applications or even native zigbee) once the restart was carried out , I was able to add all the devices without problems,:thinking:

Yeah the ‘restart’ probably fixed it, for now.

That could be an explanation,
Have you tried rebooting once you discovered the problem connecting and before the Recovery mode?
(Or ar you not a Windows computer User … )