Maximum direct Zigbee device in Homey Pro and Homey Bridge

How many maximum recommended Zigbee devices can be connected with Homey Pro and Homey Bridge?
Direct and indirect devices ?

As mentioned on the main forum page:

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Even though this article only discusses Homey Pro, the Bridge has the same Zigbee hardware/limitations.

Thank you for the details. I have gone through this but there isn’t any specific maximum recommended limit, it’s says no limit, but i think adding too many devices on 1 device with limited memory will be too much of load in processing, requests and status monitoring.

Most other Zigbee hubs specify that to be 128 or 50 devices.

The maximum first direct connected devices are also less 15nos, that itself classifies that the network would be small, because as a thumb rule 1 repeater (powered) device could connect to 6-8 devices recommended. That means less then 150 devices.

Most other hubs could connect to 30-40 nos of direct devices.

“Homey Pro can handle up to 15 direct ‘children’”.

That sounds like a limit to me.

Also: “you can create a stable Zigbee network of around 30-40 devices with Homey”.

But they don’t always tell you what that means: number of directly connected devices? Total number of devices? At least for Homey you can assume that the number of directly connected devices it supports in a stable manner is 15.

The total number of devices isn’t fixed, some people have 70 or 80 devices in their Homey Zigbee network, others a lot less. There are also external factors at play, like WiFi networks causing interference.

Homey uses a Zigbee chip that was first introduces in 2008 or 2009, so it’s an outdated and limited design.

Yes but what about the new Homey Bridge?
It is with the latest chipset
Doesn’t that support multiple bridge in 1 network?