Just info! About Homey Bridge and the max number of END-DEVICES

After many tests I found out the the homey Bridge can have a maximum of 14 Zigbee end-devices paired to it and not 15 as Homey claims.

Additional info:
When you first pair 14 or 15 router devices, you can use 35 - 40 zigbee devices in total.

Problem is I don’t have a zigbee router but the Homey, hence the end-units.
They are all connected with the Homey Bridge directly.

Every wired zigbe device (so no battery) will function as a router.

The Homey is NOT a zigbee-router, it’s a coördinator. Full-Powered devices like light-bulbs or smartplugs are routers, battery-powered devices like movement-sensors or temperature-sensors are enddevices.

So, if you pair 14 or 15 router devices like lightbulbs etc. you can after that pair approximately 20-25 enddevices, like sensors.

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Every Aqara (14) I have is battery ones and connected to the Homey Bridge…

Well, I wrote END-DEVICES at the top. So why are we talking about that instead of that one can only have 14 of those connected except for the HUE lightbulbs?

Nope, I can only pair 14 enddevices, like sensors to the Homey Bridge.

I’m not sure what the point of this topic is currently.

It is widely known that the older Homey Pro and Bridge’s ZigBee chip has a limited memory, in theorie it can handle up to 20 devices connected directly, but this is limited in software to 15 by Athom (probably with a good reason).
It is widely discussed on this forum.
And it is also shown on their support pages (as shown in the first reply) that this limitation is there, and if you want to connect more devices you first need to connect (multiple) routing devices.

Please also update your title of this thread, this is non descriptive at all.

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This is the max of ZigBee END-DEVICES I can add to my Homey Bridge, that is max 14.
Trust me, spent many hours to add 1 more by deleting others, adding again etc etc.

It’s purpose is just info, that the Homey Bridge only can have 14 END-DEVICES connected to it.

I also have 5 plugs and 12 HUE lights.

I don’t know how old my Homey is but I bought it last week.
You say “limited in software to 15” … I wish, then I could add my last one needed but I can’t.

Homey’s ZigBee chip is from +/- 2014 when the first Homey Pro was started in development, the Bridge uses this very same chip.

I’m sorry that you can’t add your 15th end device.
If you had connected the plugs and hue light directly to Homey Bridge you wouldn’t have had any trouble either.

If you still really really want to add the 15th sensor then you should contact Athom to increase the limit by one.
Or ask why you can’t add a 15th device, perhaps there is a ghost device that doesn’t show up in the developer tools filling up that slot.

We community can’t help you with that.

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I’m not sure what you mean, The plugs and lights are, I guess from the Hue Bridge as far as I know.

No, don’t think they will add a slot just for me :slight_smile:

The device limit is a “directly connected” to Homey device limit, so no routers (mains powered devices) in between like your lights and plugs.

If you can’t connect more then 14 devices, even with Routers, then it definitely is something else then the ZigBee device limit that is build into Homey/hardware limitation of the used ZigBee chip, and you should (still) contact Athom.

Or you are at the maximum limit of the total devices that can be connected to Homey (cloud) in general, as that is 250, not just related to ZigBee and Z-Wave, but all devices.
But i believe that should show an error when you are trying to include another device that is the 251st.

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As Homey states, with the bridge you have to start building your network with a router. Maybe that’s the reason you can’t ad 15 devices.

And as a general advice, routers, you can’t have enough, because you want to build a stable zigbee network. Having only end devices can give problems, like connecting problems.


You ppl still don’t get it, they (Homey) says right there “can handle up to 15 direct ‘children’” and I claim it can’t, just 14 direct ‘children’ will connect.

I absolutely get your point. Contact Athom, Maybe they have an explanation for this.


Whilst it appears that they are out by one your easiest solution is to add at least one device that has router capability

I have a HUE and Fibaro hubs. The Aqara hub broke and I thought I could do better with one Homey instead of 3 different hubs… seems I was wrong.

If the Hue bulbs are connected to the Hue hub they are not on the Homey ZigBee network so won’t act as repeaters for your other ‘14’ attached devices.

Not saying that connecting them directly to Homey is a better solution though.