A network with 40Router Deices.. help? (HP 2023)

I have around 40 Zigbee devices that I would like to add to my Homey Pro. 95% of all the devices in the house have main power connected to them, so they show up as Type: Router. I have seen here in the forums that Homey Pro 2023 has a limit on how many router devices it can connect which it looks like I have reached… how do I add the rest of my Router Devices? from what I can tell it won’t let me add more because it is a router device and not a EndDevice.
or is there something else that is the problem and this should in general just work?

Where have you seen it?
afaik there is no hard limit for the total # of devices in your network,
DIRECT connection maybe

Homey Pro (Early 2023) can handle a lot of direct ‘children’. These are either routers or end devices that are connected directly to Homey.
This does not mean, however, that you can only connect Zigbee devices directly to Homey Pro (Early 2023): devices can also be connected to Homey indirectly, via routers that relay the commands.


Don’t build too big
Using Zigbee routers, you can create a stable Zigbee network with many devices connected to Homey. However, we do not recommend creating Zigbee networks that are too big (e.g. more than a hundred Zigbee devices).

But That should not be an issue,

Why do you think that is the issue?

Maybe you have another problem? please provide more information.

Maybe you have the same problem as I had?