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Hi, I really need some facts about Homey pro 2023. I’m moving from Fibaro HC3 and HUE. 75 zigbee devices, 25 z-wave and some wifi. What is the maximum limit on Homey for zigbee, mat and Z-wave? Homey writes: That is why we recommend placing at least one router for every five end devices in your Zigbee network. does this means it depends on router ? Is Matter thread better to many devices ? a lot of question , hope someone have some facts. Thanks

I don’t know, I haven’t come across the limit yet. At the moment Homey says I have 308 devices registered.

I think they want to know if there are limits per protocol. How many of those 308 are Zigbee, Z-Wave, WiFi, etc?

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I have never counted this in detail, so it is an estimate.
Zigbee approx. 50 devices
Zwave approx. 75 devices
Lan/Wlan approx. 75 devices
Home Assistant approx. 100 devices

Homey is nowhere near its limit and is just as fast as comparable Homeys with 50 devices. The natural limit will be the RAM.

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Theoretically, this should be no problem. Practically speaking, nobody will be able to give you any sort of guarantee that it will work in a stable manner.

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i know :slight_smile: , thanks i will keeping move to Homey

At the current state of things, zigbee is already unstable at one device :angry:

Just run this script, Uwe, it’s very nice:

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I have been using Homey Pro 2023 for several months now, and compared to Homey 2019 it is a big improvement, but…
Since most of my devices fall under the Zigbee protocol, I currently have 82 installed, of which 40 are routers and 42 are end devices. mainly from Aqara. Since the introduction of Matter and Thread, I have no longer been able to add zigbee devices from Aqara. Even with a completely new device I get the message “Device already installed”. The ZigBee network is also no longer satellite. I regularly notice that a device does not respond, only to work again the next day. My impression is that the more Athom adds and changes, the worse Homey Pro 2023 performs. This is my experience and I have already mentioned this several times to the Athom helpdesk. But besides the fact that you receive an email that it can take 3 weeks before you receive an answer, and then afterwards you receive an email asking how you experienced the helpdesk, nothing has yet been achieved. But we keep hoping, and one day it will be okay.

Thread uses the zigbee chip, and that can limit zigbee to questionable quality.
I’d stick with zigbee, or, replace all zigbee stuff by Matter, or, use a separate zigbee stick → which is a challenge with Homey I think.

This below, is info from the SkyConnect dongle, which is also capable to offer Thread along with zigbee.
It’s all about tuning, limits, downsides.
It’s best to use separate devices for Thread & zigbee when you use a serious number of devices

Source, and more of this:

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That’s not possible with Homey, though, since there’s only one Zigbee/Thread chip on board.

Hi , Nice script. My data . I think it have 40 more device to add

--------------- Homey Pro Overview v1.15 --------------
Homey name: Homey Pro
Homey version: 10.3.0
Homey model: Homey Pro (Early 2023) (4 core(s))
Uptime: 168273.23 (1 day, 22 hours, 44 minutes, 33 seconds)
WiFi: Connected
Ethernet: Connected
Throttled: No (Currently: No)
Under voltage: No (Currently: No)
Update available: 10.3.1
Storage: 2.66 GB (1.33 GB free)

------------------ Main ---------------------
1 Users (1 Owner, 0 Manager, 0 User, 0 Guest)
27 Apps (27 Stable, 0 Test, 0 Development/Community Appstore, 0 SDKv2, 27 SDKv3, 0 Updateable, 0 Disabled/Crashed)
25 Zones
121 Notifications (Timeline)
402 Insight entries (187 Boolean (Yes/No), 215 Number)
1 Logic Variables (0 Boolean (Yes/No), 0 Number, 1 String (Text))
5 Flows (0 Broken, 0 Disabled)
17 Advanced flows (0 Broken, 0 Disabled)
0 Alarms (0 Enabled)
14 HomeyScript scripts (0 Token/Tag)

----------------- Devices -------------------
1 Unavailable devices
15 Virtual devices
0 Infrared (database) devices
44 Z-Wave devices (42 Unsecure, 0 Secure (S0), 2 Secure (S2 Authenticated), 0 Secure (S2 Unauthenticated), 29 Router, 15 Battery, 2 Unreachable, 7 Unknown)
46 Zigbee devices (39 Router, 7 End device)
19 Other devices
124 Total devices

Yup, that’s why I wrote

Hi Shideban. did you get a solution to not able to add zigbee ? i have same problem now. can not add / find the device, try with HUE and Aqara

Sometimes you have to be a little resourceful. Because I had a number of Zigbee devices that I could not possibly connect to Homey, I resorted to connecting a number of them to the Aqara hub. Since this hub also supports Matter, these devices also appeared in Homey. In this way they could be integrated into the flows of Homey. What I noticed was that all sensors and switches present in the Aqara hub were updated. After the update to version v11.1.0 of the Homey Pro, I took the trouble to try again to connect everything with Homey. So far successful. Currently, more than 90 Zigbee devices work flawlessly with Homey. The only Aqara device that I have not yet connected to Homey is the Aqara FP2 presence sensor.

This device is supported by the HomeKit Controller app.