Homey Pro 2023 with 500 zigbee device

In my new setup i have 400 Zigbee, 25 ZWave and 25 wifi devices.
I will be using sufficient of aeotec zigbee and zwave range extenders plus Homey Bridge as Satellite to have a strong mesh network.
But I’m highly concerned will all this run well at the controller - Homey Pro 2023, to receive, process and communicate with so many devices.
Will it FAIL.

How long is a piece of string?

In other words: nobody will be able to tell you if it will work or not, because it all depends on context.

If you are just planning that, I would suggest to contact Athom for this question. I do believe (my personal feeling) it would be already way too much, yet I haven’t seen yet any official figures of max. nr. of devices for HP23, maybe someone can advice. If the Zigbee chip would be able to handle that (seems Robert found out that chip support 32 children devices), it would be also depending on number of applications installed - it might be a failing combination (too many apps, too many devices) .

FYI, this is my size of home, had to already do some adjustments as the RAM was limiting factor and I had already too many apps.

61 Apps (14 Stable, 41 Test, 6 Development/Community Appstore, 61 SDKv3
32 Zones
50 Notifications (Timeline)
54 Logic Variables (21 Boolean (Yes/No), 31 Number, 2 String)
572 Flows (0 Broken, 14 Disabled)
44 Advanced flows (0 Broken, 2 Disabled)
67 Zigbee devices (23 Router, 44 End device)
127 Other devices
233 Total devices

I know that I will be able to pair for Zigbee devices - but currently not including some all Xiaomi
devices because I don’t know if Athom already fixed the issues I have been observing.

Some more details but not providing exact answers - Maximum direct Zigbee device in Homey Pro and Homey Bridge - #10 by robertklep

Same here, but that’s just based on feeling too.

With the old HP hardware, Zigbee was always a bit of a hit-or-miss: some people had a stable network with 70+ devices, others struggled with barely 15 devices. There are environmental factors to take into consideration that will make it very difficult to put an upper limit on what Homey can handle, and that’s not even taking into account how well the software will work.


Thanks for the elaborated details.
The setup is only for an apartment, however since now we are able to get zigbee smart CCT drivers all the downlights are getting connected to this drivers thus those itself are making a count of 200nos
200 nos - zigbee drivers
75 nos - zigbee switches and relay sockets
75 nos - battery door, light, temp, vibration, motion, water leakage, fire, gas
10 nos - door lock
20 nos - powered wifi occupancy sensors
10 nos - wifi IR blaster
20 nos - zigbee mcb
10 nos - aeotec range extender

Though a Less number of apps are used since all are tuya, aqara devices, but good number of advance flows, zones, variable and time line, but ofcourse half then yours.

Since the major load is of lighting devices, i was thinking if there is any kind of Hybrid solution in which i could connect all the lights wired via DALI2, and bring them in homey controller to group, trigger and automate.

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I can’t find the source, my apologies, but Emile once wrote here or @ Slack, Pro 2023 could handle max. 200 zigbee devices.
Which is, as mentioned already, only true when everything is perfect.

Is there any controller on the market to control 400 zigbee devices?

Conbee 2 stick: the stick can handle max 24 direct connections. With routers you can extend up to 512 in a very very very ideal situation.

I see it’s more than it used to be. In the past it was 200 devices.

They did an firmware update a year ago or something when i was using it in combination with homey 2019. It was working flawlessly with 100+ devices thats foreshore, with homey the max for me was like 40-50 devices before it struggled. But with hp23 it works almost as good with al the devices connected directly to it (exempted from some bugs that are known to athom).

I’d the same problem. That was my reason for using deconz and now z2m.
With my hp23 planning to migrate the zigbee. But have to wait for an update, because I’m getting a “zigbee is busy” error