Zigbee: size limitations

Dear community
After encountering different zigbee issues (even repair @factory )I have been advised by Homey to limit the number of zigbee devices in my network at 30 to 40.

Currently I have 52 zigbee devices:

  • xiaomi switches (wired)
  • tradfri lightbulbs and GU10 spots
  • trafdri on/of socket
  • xiaomi sensors (motion, humidity, contact, cube, wireless switches).

The advice I’ve been given is to use an intermediate gateways such as from ikea.

How do you suggest me to proceed?
I want to control my lights through flows
I want to keep on using my sensors to trigger flows

(and yes, I’ve read Homey Zigbee - limit of 20 battery powered devices - #50 by robertklep but this doesn’t seem to provide the anwser)

Add a gateway to Homey (like Ikea, Connexoon, Plugwise Adam, Xiaomi or Hue). These gateway create their own ZigBee mesh. They show the connected devices to Homey via the gateway.

The logic comes from Homey with the flows you make.

@Eternity how do I do that? e.g. I have a Xiaomi gateway, but haven’t incorporated this into my homey network (given that I they aren’t plug n play)

Not all Xiaomi gateway work. In the Homey app store you can find two Mi Apps (Mi Home and Mi Homey) . You add the gateway with the ip / token / Mac / password.

Here you see aqara devices in Homey via the gateway

And here via the second App: