One Homey App or two?

I am looking to buy two homey units; one for my own home and one for a small holiday home. Can I control both units from one version of the Homey App, or should I install two Homey control Apps on a P.C.? :smiley:

You can control both Homeys through one app. It is not possible at the same time, but you can switch between the Homeys.

Thank you for your reply. It’s appreciated.
What is the maximum number of Homeys in one App?

I do not know that

Thanks for considering it, Undertaker.
If you were to make a guess, do you think it would be less than 20?

At least 4 as I have but i know Athom employees have way more. Not sure if the max is 16, 32 or… just create a support ticket and ask Athom.

Thank you, Dijker. I’ll follow your advice.

I am unable to submit a support ticket because the system is looking for a Homey device in order to create a Diagnostic Report I.D.
I do not have a Homey yet. Before I purchase I do want to establish the maximum number of units. A guide figure will be sufficient.
Will someone submit a ticket on my behalf?
Many thanks.

You can just fil in anything if you dont have a Diagnostic Report.

Thank you, Djiker. I have just got access using the Feature Request procedure.

Hello Dijker. I followed your advice and filled in random numbers in the Diagnostic Report field and the request was submitted. Cheers.