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My home has multiple split systems. Is it possible to add 8 units to this app please? I am getting a duplicate error when seeking to add more than one device.

@mholm … Is this the thread to ask questions such as the above please?

it is, I’m just super busy right now, I have a small backlog(including this issue) for the app that I was hoping to address some time during the next couple of weeks.
I think your issue might be me taking shortcuts where I should not have and should be fairly easy to fix, but since I only have one unit it might be difficult for me to test.

No stress…… I’m happy to help test when you are ready

I just pushed a new version to “test”, IntesisHome | Homey it is supposed allow multiple devices.

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Nice job… I’ve been able to add and control all devices. I’ve tested all control functions, there seems to be only one UX issue

Like the normal remote, it takes one press of the on/off to “wake” then another press to turn the unit on or off. This function probably needs some sort of slighly delayed double tap to work “properly”.

I don’t think flows will work easily without this last change.

let me know, and I’ll test when you are ready… great progress so far!