[App][Pro] Intesis Home Automation


After getting my Homey Pro about 3 weeks ago, I needed to integrate my Intesis Home Automation for Daikin air conditioner device (https://www.intesis.com/products/ac-interfaces/wifi-gateways).

This wiil be my second Homey App Driver.


HI Serge,

Great that you have developed an app for the intesis controller. Wil it also work with the INWFIMHI001R100?



Hi Serge,

I would suggest to publish app threads (description, discussion) under the Apps section.
The developer section is primary used for development detail discussions.

Hi Ronny,

Thank you, you’re right, I move the tread immediatly.


Hi Marties,

I did some research, INWFIMHI001R100 doesn’t use Intesis Home Automation solution, wich is made for third party local automation control system (like Homey), it uses Intesis AC Cloud Control, which is defined for dedicated Intesis cloud application.

By the way, looking for a reliable solution, found it seems that INWFIMHI001R1XX also proposes a local (LAN) API that can be also used by third party system. But I’m not sure, nothing really clear about that and what can be done with it.
So, we’ll need to make some tests, if you agree, on your HomeyScript to find what can be done.

Please, send me a private message as we can exchange on that.


Hi all,

Intesis App is now online !
You can find it in Homey App Store.
Don’t hesitate to ask for any question or make any comment here.


Hi SoPhos,

I have an IntesisBox FJ-RC-WMP-1 controlling a Fujitsu and would love to get support for it. Now I control it through webhooks from HP23 to a Fibaro HC2…not a good solution.


Hi Kai,

I think it will not be a problem to integrate your unit in Homey Intesis App.
I’ve just emailed you to do some tests…


Hi Serge,

Great to see that you made an app for Intesis!

Would it be possible to add the intesis MH-RC-WIFI-1 module to your app? I use this (together with the AC-Cloud app) to control my Mitsubishi AC, but I would love to add it to my Homey.

If you need any info or other input from me I’m more than willing to contribute in that.

Kind regards, Wessel

Hi Wessel,

Can you confirm your Intesis unit is the INWMPMHI001R000 ref. ? See Here to be sure.

If this is right, it will work with the next version actually waiting for approval and I’ll give you the test link to install it on your Homey.
BTW, the App actually online should also work, but maybe not all functions will work with this one.

Please, give me feedback for me to update App Readme and include (or not)
INWMPMHI001R000 in working devices list.


Hi Serge/SoPhos,

It looks like the unit you are mentioning is perhaps a newer version or slightly different version then mine(?).

When I look at the user- and installation manual etc. I see similarities but it’s definitely not the same; The order code of my unit is INWFIMHI001R100 instead of INWMPMHI001R000. See also This link to go to the product page of my unit.

It could be that the revision will also work with mine, and ofcourse I’m willing to test it when you got a test version ready, just let me know :wink:

Thanks in advance and keep up te good work :+1:t2::sunglasses:

Kind regards,


Hi Wessel,

You’re right, my mistake, your unit is a WIFI ( INWFI) not a WMP ( INWMP).
It’s the same as Marties’ one (above).

Unfortunatly, this unit doesn’t work the same way as WMP one, it uses HMS AC Cloud Control website (as you told me) and the actual version of Intesis App for Homey doesn’t work with this unit.
But AC Cloud Control proposes an API and, I think, could be controled by App.
I’m just waiting for HMS Intesis product owner details on how to use this API.

I’ll tell you when I can manage to integrate API control in App.


Ah yes, I see. It is indeed the same as Marties’ one, I overlooked that :see_no_evil:

Ok, I’ll wait for any updates on the matter.

Until then, if you happen to need some input from me about my unit just let me know, I’m happy to contribute were I can.

Thanks for the replys thus far :+1:t2:

Cheers, Wes


I already have few things I can test because there is a chance a local API can do the job, it depends of the unit.
Maybe it’ll be a good point if you can test some of them.
I’ll send you a PM to get in touch and make these tests.

Thank you,

Thanks a lot for great work and results on integrating my FJ-RC-WMP-1 into HP23!
You were very responsive trough the whole process - thanks!
It works perfect :slight_smile:


Wow :smiling_face: thanks Kai.
It was a pleasure to work with you on this project, thank you for your help…

Hi All,

I’m sorry to inform those waiting for Homey Intesis App compatibility with AC Cloud Control units ( INWFI…) that, at this time, HMS (Intesis) refuses to let us use AC Cloud API for Homey App.

Their answer was :

I am afraid our API is only for professional usage, so we will not be able to share API credentials con individuals. The API is reserved for companies owing the systems that will be linked to our AC Cloud Control system.

At this time, Homey App will only support WMP devices (INWMP…).

Sorry for that… :pensive:


Hi SoPhos,

Thanks for the update.

Too bad Intesis is being so lame about it… :slightly_frowning_face:

You said that at this time they won’t support it. Do you think it wil happen in the (foreseeable) future? Reading their response to you I doubt it to be honest…:roll_eyes:

Which would sadly imply that us with the AC Cloud modules are pretty much screwed. Is it possible to -for those who want to make the investment- to buy another module which will work with your app? Or is there a (possible) mismatch in compatibility when doing so?

I would really love to be able to add my AC to the rest of my climate control via the Homey.

Would love to here youe thoughts, and thanks again for all the effort you put into this thus far :pray:t2:

KR, Wes

Hi Wessel,

I wrote “at this time” because I’m a perpetual optimistic ! But the HMS answer was clear, you’re right, there are no chance it will be possible in next coming years… forget !

And yes, you can switch to a WMP Intesis unit like INWMPMHI001R000 in your case (See here) !
These WMP units are for Home Automation exclusive usage (no Cloud App).
All Home Automation units (WMP) are listed here.

For information on Intesis units refs, for example INWMPMHI001R000 :

  • IN is for INTESIS
  • WMP is for Home Automation (I think originaly WiFi Multi Protocol)
  • MH is for Mitsubishi Heavy industries
    So, all INWMP… refs can work with Homey Intesis App. Depending on specific units, we’ll just have to adjust few parameters but it’ll work !


Hi SoPhos,

It’s a good ting to stay optimistic, please stay that way :call_me_hand:t2::sunglasses:

Bummer from HMS, it is what it is🤷🏻‍♂️

Thanks for the info, I will look into it for my system.

If I need any help further down the line I’ll be in touch.

Regards, Wessel