Is anyone working on an App for IntesisHome.
There are a lot of air-conditioners that use this SaaS and it currently connects to IFTTT.
Be good to have a direct connection to Homey.


This would be awesome! I have linked it to Alexa, but would be great to link to homey.

Ready to chip in to pay for the development of this app.

I agree, they are great products and a direct integration with Homey would be a bonus. I currently have limited support via IFTTT and mostly just use Alexa.

i am interested in homey, currently works with intesishome?

Have a look at the AppStore:

Unfortunately there isn’t an app yet for Intesishome. As mentioned above, you can use IFTTT.
If you want to create a flow to turn on the heating, or set the temperature of an AC (or Heatpump/HVAC) that uses intesis, you can use IFTTT. It is limited but it would be great to have inbuilt control into homey!

OK thanks

There is a app on github for this

I installed the app on my Homey. But the app is not working.

The app is continuous crashing and stops working

Contact the maker of the App via github:

Update: since today the app is working great.

Many thanks to: NLRB