Aren't there airconditioning (airco or AC) devices/apps in Homey?

I am about to buy an airconditioner (or airco like we call them in the Netherlands; AC). Either from LG or Samsung. But I can’t find an app or almost any forum post about AC’s.

LG has SmartThink and Samsung SmartThings. But those aren’t anywhere to be found. I think both work through Google Home, any way I can expose those devices to Homey?

Any thoughts?


Just got this weekend a Mitsubishi airco. As an option wifi was possible, but their api is not open. I saw a blog from Robbshop about Sensibo(works with Homey) and ordered one. It should work with any airco having an AB with infrared. Contacted Robbshop and they haven’t had customers with an airco that didn’t work. So if I would be the first i can return it.

It will arrive today so fingers crossed.

You can also use a Broadlink device (RM3 mini) to control your AC.
We have a Sencys AC in the bedroom of our son. I control the AC with a Broadlink RM3 mini.
You have to learn the IR signals to Broadlink, and thats it.

There is a flow that if his room reach a certian temperature, than the AC will turn on.
If it reaches a certian temperature for cooling, lets say 19 degrees, the AC will turn off.

This my sollution.

I was struggling with the same. I have bought a mobile airco unit from Duux which has an app on the iPhone, unfortunately not on the Homey. It does have integration with Google and Alexa so I figured maybe I can do something with that, haven’t looked into it yet.

The suggestions of @Marcel_Ubels and @Patrick_Ruitenbeek are an option. Also Tado° does have an option for this (not sure about Homey support). But it is an extra device.

It would be nice if I somehow could get it through Google Home (plugin or something) like @Martijn_Hoogenbosch is saying.

little suggestion.
This regarding to your comment “It would be nice if I somehow could get it through Google Home”.

I made a Virtual devices in Homey, named it Airco Owen, and made a flow of this.
So i can say to Google, “Hey Google, zet Airco Owen aan” and it will do his thing.

Its kinda simple, maybe this works for you to.

Well the problem is, I don’t use Google. And I prefer not to. I don’t have any Google mics in the house.
I am using HomeKit and transferring to Homey, although I’ve linked my Siri to Homey with http-requests.
But I’d figure that as a last resort I could tie up Google Home to Homey. Direct or through IFTTT or a web hook.

What about Homey Dash?

In our home, every room has his own iPad.
So every iPad can control the room where its in.
In our livingroom we have, lets call it, the main iPad where we can control everything if we wanted.
So, the virtual device “Airco Owen”, as mentiond earlier, is also added to that iPad.
The iPad is located central in our house.

Just keep on thinking if there is a solution for you :wink:

With this being the case, you can control it by temp too right? Making a virtual device which is able to turn on and off the airco, right?

Unfortunately i have problems with google / sonos, which i first want to sort before adding homey to google assistent.


Here is my flow as example:


@Patrick_Ruitenbeek ow, that is quite decadent, but very cool! :wink:
I am not really sure about what you say about that virtual device. What is it doing, if you can’t connect the AC? Or is that virtual device sending a Google Home command?

Maybe this will help you understand it:

Virtual devices is nothing more that you telling to Homey that there is a device, in this case a AC.
Its not really there, not physical, but virtual.

I did get it working with Logitech Harmony Hub. But only on off. Probably with broadlink this will also work. But on/off isn’t enough because an airco has multiples options. Cooling, heating, fast cooling, dehydrating, air cleaning. Google is great but i don’t use it because I want to automate everything as much possible. But i don’t like to operate the devices by myself with voice or hand. Therefore searching for a solution that can control al possibilities off an airco.

Ofcourse when on/off is the only thing needed an smart plug/ or shelly/fibaro switch will also work.

@Patrick_Ruitenbeek I know what virtual devices are, but what are you doing with them if your AC isn’t directly attached to your Homey. Just adding a virtual device isn’t handling the AC right? Something needs to alter the virtual device. What is that something?

Correct, thats where Broadlinks comes in. See my earlier post.

Yes, missed that you had Broadlinks. I though you had it hooked up by Google or something.
My preference is still to have less extra devices in the house :wink:
But if there is no other way, the Broadlink is way cheaper than Sensibo or Tado°. But it is more ugly.

No problem.
I hid the Broadlink, so its not in sight. And it’s cheap, for sure if you get it from aliexpress.

So my airco is available in Google, but it is not in Homey. I created a virtual switch and called it airco. This is available in google as well. Now i want to create some kind of action where I turn on the airco switch , google turns on the airco itself…

I cannot seem to find that in Google assistent or google home… can find the developer dashboard, where I can create actions, but I don’t think that’s what I’m looking for.

right, no routines for the Dutch…

Just got the Sensibo from Robbshop. So far I am very impressed. First you get an ios or android app with all the functions from the remote

But that’s not all, it integrates with Homey



Oh, and the helpdesk responded within 1 hour with a solution. Which eventually wasn’t needed. I paired the remote from my A/C not succesfull, disconnected Sensibo and reconnected is after 1 hour. Suprise the remote was connected succesfull.


It’s quite small, I love it

My Mitsubishi airco’s came with “Airconwithme” wifi adapters, which should be some kind of universal wifi adapter for airco’s. The app works fine, but would be even more great if Homey could control it of course.

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