Aren't there airconditioning (airco or AC) devices/apps in Homey?

I also wanted to go for the wifi module. Cost €165,-. But couldn’t find anything supporting this to integrate with Homey. Therefore I Decided not to buy the wifi but the Sensibo (€99,-), and it integrates with Homey

It looks great. Can you please the device somewhere “not so visible”? Or should it be right in front of the AC on short distance?

there is a Homey app for Airconwithme on Github:

I got an Mitsubishi Heavy Industries airco with Airconwithme in it, and installed the app with CLI on my Homey. App did not work at first, maybe I did something wrong, but shortly after my Homey was replaced by Atom for other problems. So no time yet to install the app once again.

Bu there is an app, not sure if it works.

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Did just mount it here, under my airco(and works perfect).

The airco is 2,20 mtrs straight above the Sensibo(for IF signal not perfect, but itvworks perfect)

The other mounting option for me was on top of my bookcase.

But because it is little you can almost mount it anywhere

I have 6 sensibo’s, they are amazing. Work on any type of AC. They work very well with Google assistant. I just installed the homey app and it seems to work nicely as well.

One thing I was hoping for is missing: homey controlled enabling and disabling of Climate React. CR is a wonderful feature I use throughout the night to automatically start/stop the AC when a certain temperature or humidity is reached. It performs much better than built in AC features that actually keep the AC on all the time.

Currently, the sensibo app allows you to only manually enable and disable CR, not with a schedule. The schedule in the sensibo app only starts or stops the AC, not the CR.

I’ll check with the developer and let him know as well.

Sensibo is great.

Update: sensibo climate react enable/disable is now working on homey. And the polling can be reduced to shorten sync time, if needed. Thanks to the amazing developer!

I have Mitsubishi Electric aircos. Order a wifi module with every unit. Use Melcloud app. Available on IOS and Android. Then use Melcloud app from Homey. Works fine.

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There already are several apps for air conditioning.

Search the Homey appstore for:

*Gree, Tosot, Daitsu and Cooper & Hunter

Definitely didn’t read the every single post. If you are interested in LG… ThinQ is closed source and you are only allowed to access the api if you are a partner, which is only allowed for businesses… I have figured out how to authenticate someone through the ThinQ api and this grants access to the device API with a little help from WideQ to figure out the correct calls. I have the intention to create a ThinQ app for Homey but I need to finish the Homey Community Store first :wink:

So in conclusion if you want to control your airco by api, you might want to stay away from LG. This also counts for TV’s as I believe they are migrating every new device to ThinQ

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Don’t use Remotec ZXT-600 as it does not display the correct air temperature, and won’t let the AC control itself, ie it forces the AC to control the difference between the setpoint and the incorrect air temperature.

Hi Jaap, did you allready install the app on your replaced homey ? I’m curious if the app works on your homey.
On mine, the app is continuous crashing and stops working.

My Homey is still not working … :frowning: so not able to check this

I don’t think that Samsung smartthings will be implemented. I don’t know what to buy… a broadlink rm4 (or rm3?) mini that @Patrick_Ruitenbeek has or a sensibo that @Marcel_Ubels has, which is 4 times more expensive.

What is the difference? And the options of the two devices within homey?

Broadlink and Logitech Harmony have a incredible great database. But are not specialized in Airco. Sensibo has a much smaller database, but with only airco’s.

I got the airco with Harmony working. But only on and off, with Sensibo almost every setting can be done. But a bonus you get Climate control. With that option you can give special abbilities to your airco which your airco for its own hasn’t. F.i when temperature turn lower than, than switch off, and when temperature rises above x temp start. But also when humidity drops below x percentage, do this or that etc etc

Just some options in Homey

That are a lot of options, but also a great price. The broadcom doesn’t have all those options I assume. But do they have some?

Its really a choise that you have to make.
What is important to you?

€119,00 for the Sensibo, or around €20,- for the Broadlink RM3 Mini.

In our case, the only thing i needed to do is to turn on the Airco at a specific temp. The Airco it self allready swings, so no need for that.
The sensor i use, i allready had that one in the room.

I guess it is a matter of what you want to pay for the controll of your Airco.
I’m happy with the Broadlink, i does what it’s needed to do.
The Sensibo looks really nice and you got a ton of options, but it’s 6 times the money of the Broadlink.

It’s up to you

That depends,
I am wondering what options the Broadcom has. Mainly: can you send every IR-command (I think so) and does it communicate back (receive IR-commands and pass them to Homey). Or is that last option only for Sensiibo.

Since today the app is working great

Many thanks to NLRB

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Yes, it works for me too, finally (thanks to this thread too: [HOW TO] CLI install method)! I’ve been in contact with Intesis and the AC dealer about misleading advertisements around this module, but with this app it can integrate in my system.

Note: when adding the device it requires a different user/passw than the one in the Airconwithme app, problably the default ones… that took me some time…

Hi Jaap, I also installed the App. Does it remain a mystery to me how the App will connect now? I can remotely control the air conditioning via the included app. The WiFi connection with the air conditioning works. But how does Homey get to the air conditioning? Do I have to put the WiFi of the air conditioner back into ‘learning mode’? Homey Pro V5 Rc.50. Mitsubishi airco. Airconwithme App and WiFi controller.
Do you have a idee?