Aren't there airconditioning (airco or AC) devices/apps in Homey?

If anyone has a Samsung AC with SmartThings then I have an app in the community store for SmartThings that supports an AC.

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is there someone who knows if there is a duux airconditioner cq airco api ??

If you ask duux, they will tell you their busy developing a app for homey. No timeline.

The homey app MELCloud controls your Mitsubishi just flawless. No need of any other remote control devices. MELCloud is the app to integrate any Mitsubishi AC.

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I need a app to integrate the LG airco, has some got this working ?

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ive had a few things ive been able to connect cloud to cloud via IFTTT as a last resort, and was generally easy to set up

Hi, I have samsung with smartthings, I would like to integrate it into home, where can I find your application? I’m sorry for my english.

Your English is good.
The app is in the Community Store Homey Community Store

And welcome to the community.

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Same issue here. I have a multi-split Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (no Electronics, so Melcloud is not working) with WIFI module. App Airconwithme is working, so connection to WIFI is correct. Installed the CLI version on Homey and is asking for IP, username and password. If I try this with the same username and password as in the app, then I get the following error: "Error adding the device (Error: Incorrect user namer or password).
Anyone who knows how to connect Airconwithme to Homey.

Or are there alternatives like Sensibo ?

for username and password you must use admin / admin do not use the username and password you use in the airconwithme app. For me it works well in this way.

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Thanks for your reply. Tried username/password with “admin” and this returns the following error: "Error adding the device (Error: Could not find that PairSession).
Using the IP in the webbrowser brings me to the Intesis Webserver page. On this page I’m able to logon using admin/admin.

Device model: MH-AC-WIFI-1 / firmware version 1.2.0.

I just added the two IP addresses as static IP in my router (not sure why I did not do that earlier). Tried again and both could be linked to Homey immediately. @Pacogssl: Thanks for informing me to use the standard username/password.


Remotec zxt-120 is another possibility if you prefer Z-wave

At some point I was able to log in with Homey v5. I no longer know whether I did this via the developer site or via the app. I can now control a number of functions with Homey. :grinning:

Something seems to be changing, @Martijn_Hoogenbosch
There are updates in the iOS and Android app stores with the following changelog:

And once that app is opened there’s a new option “Link with Homey” in the settings:

Sorry for the Dutch content, but is says you first have to install the Homey app (which I haven’t found yet), and add a device. Then you are asked for the PIN code mentioned.

So, something is coming! :slight_smile:

Yes I saw it too, unfortunately there is no app in the store yet, but absolutely looking forward to it, maybe not I can expand my duux collection :joy:

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I have a split air conditioner from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. The WiFi module was too expensive for me. Since I already have a Switchbot + hub, I was able to teach in the remote control. It works very well, Homey can now control the air conditioning. The Switchbot can do a lot more. Perhaps it is worth taking a closer look at the device.

Nice, nice, nice. Just bought last summer three Duux ventilators. Now i only have to think of a helpful flow for it😊

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Paul, thanks for the tip, I also added the IP addresses of the Mitsubishi WIFI modules as reservations in my DHCP server. After that the devices could be added easily in Homey.

The Duux app for Homey is here!

Discussing the new app can be done here:

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