Smart Thinq LG // Airconditioners

Hello, any suggestions how to control the LG Airco appliances with Homey ?
It’s connected via Wifi and an LG app called “Smart Thinq”

Thanks !


Also looking forward to it! Anybody an idea?

I have a Qlima also connected to WiFi and also looking for an Airco app.


Also super keen for this, I am wondering if anyone has been willing to get this started?

I did an app request

I am also looking for this to be supported

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Someone: Please develop a LG Thinq app that supports washers, dryers ++


I looked into this and contacted LG to get access to the ThinQ api. Sadly, my request got rejected as I am not a company :pensive:. Anyways, I am still willing to create a ThinQ app, however, I do have some other priorities at the moment. If someone wants to co-develop that would be great, please contact me :slight_smile:


Is it possible to intercept the wifi command you send with the airco app? Like using the app “HTTP Canary” on your device that has the app for the airco installed. With the right headers and payload information, we can create a http request. This is how I get all the SOAPACTION commands for my smart tv and use them as http requests in Homey.

There’s a working implementation for Home Assistant, so it might be easier to take a look at its source.

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Hi can someone please make this to work in homey :slight_smile:


I’m a very bad searcher, but did anybody develop the ThinQ app so we can control the newly installed airco’s?

Hope for a positive reactie.


Not as far as I am aware, I am sadly completely occupied with the HCS, WebOS Plus App and managing my personal life. I am more than happy to assist someone if they want to develop it, as I currently don’t have the time to do it myself.

LG Thinq app will be great to add my Laundry and Dish machine on Homey :grinning:

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I offer €100 to develop an App that controls my future Lg warmtepomp


I offer €100 to develop an App that controls my LG washing machine


That’s 200€ in total

Maybe you can install Home assistant as Container, eg. if you have Synology/Raspberry , add there you Thinq LG device via working integration Robert already shared and then add Home Assistant integration into Home via great app which is already available. Just a note that it does not support accounts created via Google authentication

I’m monitoring like that Water heater, that will be probably never supported, which is connected via BT and ESP32-E (and it works surprisingly well)

I do this with a raspberry pi. It is working great but after some day’s it fails because an ‘not logged in’ error to LG. For now fixed with a flow. If I set an mode and airco returns with an error and timer is not running), power off raspberry pi, wait 10 seconds (and set timer 1 day) and turn it on. After 2 minutes, it is working again. If not working and timer is still running > present an error on timeline. (To be sure it wil not end in an reboot loop.). sorry. It is stupid, but it works. And if it works, then it… :wink:

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