LG SmartThinQ app anyone?

any apps or flow for LG SmartThinQ (not just for TV, but air purifier and other devices)
can I connect LG air purifier with Homey and build flows to switch off when windows/doors are open for 1 minute ?

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A longshot, this is an app for network enabled LG webOS TV’s, maybe it can connect with Air Purifier? Worth a try I think.

I would love to see such an app as well, so that I can hook my new fridge and freezer into the Homey ecosystem.

Have googled around, and I can’t seem to find any support in Home Assistant either, so maybe LG does not have an open API? Anyway, I would expect more people to talk about, so maybe my searching skills are not that good after all?

I am currently finishing up first release of ThinQ AC support based on almost all apps that are around. so far it looks good and easy to the end-user.

Looking for more devices to integrate, I see Fridge and Freezer. If you are willing to add a user to your LG account and PM me the credentials, i can start to research the response from the LG platform for these.

Much appreciated!

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Hello Martin,

After having entered my identifiers I have an error when adding a washing machine:

for information it is the only device associated with my account.
I looked in the logs but they are empty:

Homey Pro 2023.

THANKS :blush:

Hi Miki, still have to be a bit patient. Just noticed that the app is not handling other countries. A upcoming update will solve that.

Next in line will be support for Washing machines, busy coding that, unfortunatly i left the rudimentary devices for fridge and washer in the code.

If you keepan eye on the releases of the app, when ready the washer will appear!


Thank you for the feedback Martin !!

Any apologies, i saw the washer icon and mistakenly thought it was supported.
I’m keeping the app, so I’ll know when there’s an update.

Good luck with the development! :wink:

Hi Martin, is the situation the same for ACs as well? I am trying to add one from Hungary / Europe, but right now it says “null is not an object (evaluating devices.length)”. Thanks!

Hello Martin thanks tot the app. I have a question. When adding nu airconditioning the app generates an errors can you help me?

Be sure to install latest test version. And configure app settings for your LG user and password.

Install the latest test version, in the current live version there is a country problem (which is needed by LG)
version is 3.1.14

And configure app settings for your LG user and password.


Where is it possible to find test version?

Check the changelog;
When there’s an orange “Test” icon, just click it and install the app

Edit the URL by adding /test/ and press enter


Might be a couple of things…
Install latest test.
Check username password in app setup
Not sure how it will react to the country you are in. Normally when it fails it will get the country from the failure and retry with the correct one.

If you install last version you can send me the log if it fails…

Hi @Martin_Verbeek ,
just sent you diag - testing your app, seems washer and dryer were not found (No new devices found) (HA integration works fine)
2e437e9c-954e-4fac-81a3-abac91ab3e8b - I PM the log

FYI, LG Thinq | Homey

29. 8. 2023
Fix for crash in setCapValue
Code rewrite for generic capability setting and triggering. Fix for Thinq2 measure temp and power updates. Added duration to Action flowcards to specify how long a command shouuld be tried.

Now also ThinQ1 seems to be supported, it’s however early release.

@Martin_Verbeek :+1: :pray:

Trying to connect my washer, can’t do!
This is what I get!

Does it mean that washers not are compatible yet?

Recently I bought LG combined drier/washer CV94V7S2WN https://www.lg.com/se/kombinerad-tvatt-torkar/lg-cv94v7s2wn. Added it as a washer in the app in Homey. But I’ve noticed that it reports only washer updates, but not when it dries. Perhaps status codes are different for both modes. Adding same applience as a drier does not work – no new devices found. @Martin_Verbeek , would it be possible to add support of such combined device in the app? I can help with testing and debugging if you provide some instructions how to do it. My Homey is Pro 2023.

BTW, thanks for the app! Now I do not need to have 25 minutes timeout before getting cycle end notification as it was with my old washer.