Looking for developer: Port an HomeAssistant integration to Homey Pro


I live in a home that has a very old legacy home automation system (controls lights, AC, curtains, motion sensors). This is a closed system, but after years of digging, I have been able to control this system by sending UDP to its IP-address and also listening to UDP broadcast on LAN. I spent ~1,000 hours to build a custom integration to get this to work with Home Assistant. It works really well.

I am now keen on moving to Homey.app and I am looking for a developer who is willing to take my code (python / home assistant integration), and migrate this into an integration / plugin (not sure about correct terminology) for it to work with Homey Pro instead (for local installation).

Paid job. Hopefully relatively straightforward given the work that I have already done to make it work.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


You can keep the HA as it is to run your integration and import the entities to Homey with this app:

As you have spent time developing it for HA what is stopping you from creating a Homey app?
Are you just not wanting to do it or is it due to a lack of knowledge that we can help with?