Homey Pro in a large home

I have a large 3-floor (concrete floors/walls) home where I need 5x cabled Google Wi-Fi devices to get full Wi-Fi connectivity at home.

How would I be able to use Homey Pro while being able to control devices all over my home?

  • Or would I have to only control devices within range of the Homey Pro?

Same over here. I use zwave devices and zwave repeaters. Works well

It does depend on the devices you want to connect. ZigBee and ZWave devices form their own networks, so if you ensure you have enough repeater devices around you home then it should be OK. Repeaters are normally mains powered devices that can stay active all the time.
Many other devices are connected via your WIFI so gain, provided you have WIFI coverage then it should be fine.

The types of devices that are restricted to the range of Homey are BLE (Bluetooth) and Infra-red.

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