Please explain range

Do I understand correctly? The Homey Pro uses my home’s wifi network to connect to devices, so as long as I have wifi coverage throughtout my house, the Homey Pro can ‘talk’ to a device at the far end of the house, even if the Homey Pro and the device are far apart.

This depends on the protocol the devices uses

If the device is on the same WiFi network.

Not exactly, it’s not Wifi repeater, you still must have that Wifi device connected to the Access point.

Other protocols, like ZWave and Zigbee, uses mesh - and are using repeaters that is any device, which is non-battery powered

Probably not, as Bulletcatcher says, depends on what protocol is used for the device.
Homey can handle many different protocols, all protocols have different reach.
Zigbee, Z-Wave, 433MHz, WIFi, Bluetooth, InfraRed.

Ok, I understood the question different, as it mentions WiFi only. If the device uses WiFi for communication, it will communicate over WiFi with Homey, if they are on the same WiFi network. And your WiFi network might have WiFi repeaters. So no need to be connected to the same WiFi acesspoint.

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