Range in a big house with a lot of concrete walls and floors

We have a 4 floor house of total 400 sqm. only wood construction on top floor, rest concrete. will Homey work in the whole house?

Depends on the devices you’re planning to use. If you would use Zigbee or Zwave devices they will create a mesh network. This way devices won’t have to communicate with Homey directly but via neighbouring devices. Just make sure you’ll place a (non battery) powered device on each floor and you’ll be fine. This could be a simple Zwave/Zigbee wall socket plug or a built-in switch or dimmer.

Thanks. And I guess wifi is depended on what “whole”-house system I use.
What would be the best one for that? any thoughts?

If you have UTP cables running trough your house buy Ubiquiti access points ( Ubiquiti UniFi AP lite or pro). I have three of them for a few years now, they work really good!

If wired is possible, go for a dedicated wired mesh system (like indeed Ubiquiti). If wired is not possible, you can try Netgear Orbi. I have this system up & running for more than a week now with 3 nodes in the house and i am very satisfied with the range and speed. Roaming is seamlessly throughout the house.

You can try out the (much) cheaper Linksys Velop, but i had the dual system for a month and i got rid of it. Bad roaming (most on 2,4ghz) or unnecessary roaming to further nodes (most on 5ghz), resulting in bad connections and slow speeds.

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