Several (distant) places to cover

Hello Everyone !

It make some time I’m looking for answers by myself, reading this forum (and others).

I came to homey as a former fibaro user, and i’m really happy to have done so.

Now the point is : I need to cover a basement at my home, but as I live in a flat, i have other appartments between my home (with the controller - homey pro) and the basement. So just a repeater/amplifier will not be enough (3 floors of separation).

I actually have a netatmo welcome with some sensors, but was wondering if I can’t have some other controller connected on my homey via IP for example, and control all via homey directly instead of using multiple apps.

I will verry soon buy another homey pro for an holiday house, but that’s another story.

Thanks for the help / tips you should have !


I suppose that depends on what networks your using.
Philips Hue Zigbee will create a very reliable network and Homey can connect to Hue bridge. I have more than 70 lights and they have created a network that covers inside and outside a 2 story brick house.
As Homey connects to your home network and you can use range extenders and extra cabled AP then you still shouldn’t have a problem there. Some manufacturers don’t make it easy though. I have Tado which are excellent but they all have to connect directly to the Tado bridge and then Homey connects to Tado cloud (at least I think that’s how it works). All my devices connect but only just and there is currently no range extender. I don’t know about netatmo

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I also thought about a set of wall plug LAN & wifi extenders.
One in your home and the other in your basement (if you access to mains power there). Then you could connect a f.i. Hue bridge and create a Homey reachable zigbee network downstairs.

Not having used wall plug LAN so I may be wrong on this, but do they not have to connected to the same ring main which is likely not common between floors

Yup, didn’t think of that. I assumed a bit it could work in the same building.
Other idea: Fibaro z-wave wallplugs have been tested and the range was 15m max, with one wall in between the signal.
Maybe that is an option.

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Weird how tado still has no range extender or add a hop/mesh function of some kind for the radiatorknobs.
But I found a tip: put the bridge in vertical position, not flat.

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I had thought they formed a low power wifi mesh but apparently not, so definitely a range extender would make sense

Hello everyone!
Thanks for all these answers. I will check the hue option and will still continue to try and test the possibilities!
I let you know when I have some news.
Thanks again!


Hi everyone.
I must add some in formation as i was not clear enough i think.

Actually, i have already wlan on my basement, but what i’m looking for is a zigbee or z-wave network on my basement.

I guess i will need another controllet there, as a solution. I will only have sensors there, no connected lights etc.
Thanks !

Might be a long shot, but maybe a z-wave to wifi hub? Something like this
Or a z-wave stick with a raspberry

Anyone who can use the soldering iron can build a Zwave Repeater Monster from an Aeotec Range Extender.
With a booster connected in between, ranges of 50-100 meters are no problem. Sorry, the thread is in German.

Be very careful though, the antenna ground seems to be referenced to live mains :grimacing:

If you have wifi there you could try to place a TP-Link deco access point there. It supports ZigBee and i think (though I’m not 100% sure) it can hop ZigBee over wifi to another node (ie, you probably need another deco upstairs i guess)