3-floor house setup

Hello community! I need some help with planning Homey setup in a 3-floor house.

  • Homey Pro will be connected on 3rd floor via UTP
  • Mesh WiFi network covering the entire house
  • I plan to mainly use Z-Wave devices across all 3 floors (will probably need some Z-wave repeaters too)

Would this work fine? Is there anything else i am missing?

Can I organize devices into floors/zones and give permission to different users?

Hi Matija,

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About Z-Wave. No one can confirm that this will work, as the range/signal strength of Z-Wave devices depends on many factors.
Z-Wave devices, for example, have different Z-Wave chip versions installed. The more up-to-date the chips, the greater the range.
It also makes a difference which materials the house is built of, stones, reinforced concrete, drywalls with aluminum struts, etc.
The larger the house or area, the more Z-Wave routers are required. All Z-Wave devices supplied with main power are routers.
From a technical point of view, the location on the 3rd floor is not ideal. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work, you have to try it out. The ideal location for the Homey is in the center of the house.
This article provides a lot of information about Z-Wave:
What is Z-Wave? Learn More About this Powerful Smart Home Technology. | Homey

Yes, it’s possible to organize devices into floors/zones → Customizing Zones

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to give permission of devices to different users. However, this is a function that we users have often asked for, but nobody knows whether it will be added at some point. This article describes the different roles & permissions → Adding, managing & removing user accounts on Homey

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Thanks Dirk for the detailed reply!

The zones/floors and permissions are clear to me now.

As for Z-wave, i guess i will have to test out and see what works best. I don’t expect problems within the same floor, its mostly just dry walls, but the Z-wave signal might break going from one floor to another through reinforced concrete. Does it help if I use Homey Bridge in the other 2 floors set up as satellites or should i mostly rely on z-wave routers/repetitors?

Do you mean a ground floor, first floor and second floor? That’s a normal house or do I miss something here?

Yeah exactly, ground, first and 2nd floor. Might extend to some outdoor devices too but essentially thats it. Just curious what is the best way to se this up

I am having such a setup with both z-wave and Zigbee sensors and actors, not a problem at all if you use enough actors that can relay the signals and thus create a strong mesh network.

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Homey Bridge works like an ordinary Z-Wave router, it does not build its own Z-Wave mesh. Therefore, you can also use other Z-Wave devices.
More information about Homey Bridge and satellite mode → Setting up Satellite Mode