New Homey pro, none of the devices are reachable after pairing

Just went and bought a homey pro, thermostat for my floor heating, and a wall socket plug.
I had to move the Homey device right up to my new z-wave heatit thermostat for successful pairing, the same in regards to the wall socket. After sucessful pairing, I moved the homey back to the ground floor, while the thermostat is in the first floor, and the wall socket is in another house 20m or so away.
Now the homey device cannot interact with either of the devices. I have water based floor heating, and I think there are some tin foil between the floors stopping many a signal from coming through.
Two questions:

What can I expect for range with these devices? Does all 220V (permanent power) devices repeat the z-wave signal or do I need special devices for this?
Will adding too many bridge capable devices clutter the path and create instability, or is it always ‘more devices=better stability’?


The Z-Wave system uses the ISM band (in Western Europe 868.42 MHz). In the best case, the range is up to 200 meters outdoors and up to 30 meters indoors. Your devices are probably no longer within range. In order to bridge the walls at a distance, you will probably need several repeaters. Yes, every Zwave device connected to power is a repeater. Some do it better, others worse.