Guesthouse in the garden, to far from main house

Hello all,

Been using Homey for quite some time now, and love it.
However, there is one question I still have in my mind. I have a guesthouse/poolhouse about 75mtrs from the main house. I have some z-wave devices there I wanna use. Right now Im using a HC2 Lite there, but ofc that does not integrate with Homey.

Does anyone have any idea how I could get the devices there best to be used and included with my Homey? Or is the HC2 lite the only option (having to use https requests to call them from homey).

Sockets or other power points in your garden? Perhaps you can bridge the distance by placing a non-battery operated z-wave device in a switch box at 1 or 2 places to create a mesh.

Hmmm, yeah power points indeed, but then I would need a ‘repeater’ of some sorts I guess.

For example this one:

But I am not sure if this is the solution. Because 75 m is a long distance.

Any mains powered zwave device is a repeater, but 75 meters is indeed a lot.
There is a maximum of 4 hop devices, so a powered device every +/- 15 meters as the minimum to reach the 75 meters is putting the range of every device to its maximum, if there is nothing in between.
I would personally not even try that, as even a rainy day can mess it all up.

Only viable option is to keep your HC lite, or buy another Homey which you would couple the same way as the HC lite, so with webhooks

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I was wrong about the distance, it’s about 45meters :slight_smile:
Those Aeotecs work with Homey and can be simply included and put anywhere?

Didn’t look up the IP-classification but would not use these outside unprotected.
Keep in mind that this product is designed as a plug which makes it a little harder to put it away in a switch box.

Perhaps you can make the best out of the situation by installing some Fibaro Switches/Dimmers.
These can be placed in a switch box more easily and you can probably also automate an outdoor light with it.

Yes and no. The repeater must be protected from rain, high humidity and frost!

@Tomm, I agree with you, but the signal strength should not be as good as with pure repeaters.


Homey wont even connect to the AEOTEC range extender 6, been trying for hours now.
Adding… then it fails and again, removing z-wave device and re-adding. It wont pick it up, also not when connected within 1 meter from homey.

Did you installed the Aeotec App? If not please do it.

Then make a factory reset of the range extender:

And then try to include the range extender again with a distance of maximum 5 cm to Homey.

Someone made a nice post about that.

Tried all that as said above (reset, fully) re-adding it again with 5cm next to homey, same result.
It says ‘adding device’ and then time out or no z-wave device added :frowning:

And yes I did add the aeotec plugin.

And also the remove node part?

Yep, same result :frowning:

Then I have no idea either, I’m sorry.

Maybe a dumb question, but wouldn’t WiFi stuff from Shelly make things easier?

or even 2 Homeys with MQTT, auto discovery should work for devices.

You can also get outdoor antennas, but I don’t know how to use them with Homey or a compatible device. Unfortunately you can’t connect an external antenna (except the mod).