Extend the Z-Wave network using Aeotec Range Extender 7

I have bought two Aeotec Range Extender 7 with the assumption this will help me to extend the Z-Wave network and get a connection between flat in a block (2nd floor) and garage (-1). Nevertheless, before I try it in this area, I’ve connected it in a flat to see if those extenders really extend the network. Unfortunately after successful pairing with Homey Pro 2023 (10.0.3), none of the connected devices are routed with the extender, even if they are logically closer to the extender than to Homey Pro. I’ve tried to restart the Homey to reroute the devices, but nothing helps.

Any ideas to solve this issue?

Did you do a heal on the end devices starting with the ones nearest to Homey?
But, keep in mind the route is and will not be mandatorily forced through extenders. If the direct connection is good enough, that will be used.

Yep, I did on every single device, however, none of them started using the extenders.
Are you sure about the second thing? NodeID 2 or 6 with Rolety (Roller Shutters) are routed through the other Roller Shutters, even though I believe the connection is good enough (4-5 meters from Homey), so why it won’t use the extenders which are placed in a better place?

I tried to connect one extender in the garage and one in the flat, without success, nevertheless I’m still not sure if those extenders even work.

Do you have any idea how to test it to ensure it works?

It only shows the “last WORKING route” so so that does not mean it never used the extender.

That’s true, but there is also - at Tx Queued and Tx Sent, and no devices use node 15 or 16.

It might be in a better place if you look at it physically. But there are so so many things that can (and will) interfere with the radio waves. Even a nearby end device or router that disturbs the routing.

I had 2 plugs in the same extension cord that constantly took over routes from end devices because they interfered with each other. Resulting in not only the plugs themselves, but also a number of end devices that would not react swiftly, only after several attempts. When i placed them further away from each other it was solved immediately.

No devices were using it at the time the current route was recorded. It is not a dedicated path.

I have 2 version 6 extenders and some devices in the attic switch from the one in the bathroom (5 meters away but with concrete walls & floors and a washer and dryer in between) to the one in the shed from time to time (only the roof in between, but over 13 meters away).

So basically, is there any option to test those extenders somehow?

When I plug one extender in the garage and one in a flat, can’t connect (test) this from the garage, so I suppose there is lack of z-wave signal, but difficult to say if can’t test in properly even in a flat.