Homey lost contact with Aeotec Z-wave Range Extender

A few days ago I bought the Aeotec Z-wave Range Extender. I plugged it in outside in order to let my Z-wave outdoor wall plug (Popp) work. My Homey did recognize the Range Extender and it did extent the Z-wave range. My Z-wave outdoor wall plug connected with the device. Now, a few days later I can’t find the Range Extender anymore within my Homey app. If I try to install it again the Homey app says ‘device already installed’. In developer.athom.com/ the following is shown. From there I can’t delete the device. Anyone has an idea what to do?

Did you try healing? Maybe that helps. Sometimes you have to use basic on, basic off and then healing. Sometimes several times. Most off the times that helps. Also the greyed out deleting option will be enabled.

I had a similar problem with a Fibraro water sensor.
Homed has lost the device, but the device itself has the state “connected”.
I got it fixed with unpairing.

Go to setting in the Homey app.
Go to Z-Wave
Select “remove a Z-Wave device”
Then set the extender into pairing mode.
This should unpair the extender.

After that you should be able to add the extender again to Homey.

That didn’t work.

Thanks! That does work!

I know that. But the essence of my question was not how to remove the Z-wave device. I thought Homey lost the device. I didn’t know a device can still be ‘in’ Homey without being able to see it in the app.