Homey outdoor Z-wave range

I have a garage 11 meters away from where my living room with my Homey Pro is located. Yesterday I installed Aeotec Garage Controller, but I keep getting timeouts, and no connection. Is the Z-wave plus signal really that limited? I don’t have a available outlet between the house and garage - will it still help to buy a Aeotec Z-wave range extender and install it either in the garage or in the house? Any other ideas on how to improve the signal?

Either the range extender or just a mains powered z-wave device in the house but as close the the garage as possible might help. Homey does not have the best range so another z-wave device might reach and create the link through the mesh. Get the devices as high as possible so there are no obstructions.

Same problem here. I don’t know if putting an extra device in between will work…
My Homey is in the living room, about 4m from the back window. My garage is about 6m from that window.
In between Homey and the window are several Fibaro Dimmer2-modules, I also have 2 Fibaro Switch2-modules in the garage.
Sometimes (it’s rare) I can’t control the lights in the garage. But the Fibaro Motion sensor in the garage works almost never, even though it hops through 1 module in the garage and 1 in the house…

Yes, Homey has some issues with range communication. Look on Homey Antenna mod post as a possible solution.

I already bought my transparent orbs from AliExpress to do the casemod, still need to look at what antennas to buy.
I’m just a bit too afraid to break it open and solder in the new antennas :smile:

I have just put a piece of copper wire around the outside of a Neo Coolcam Zwave plug, with one piece of the wire standing up in the air (about 10 cm). And beleve it or not, but this simple mod extends the working distance! What also extends the range, is holding the plug while switching it! I guess my body works like a good antenna too…

But I think you can also open a plug and modify the antenna: https://forum.athom.com/discussion/comment/39527/#Comment_39527

You can make a antenna mod on the Aerotec Range Extender and place it at a central place:

It’s from the german forum part (tanks to Undertaker for this mod!), but the pictures should be clear enough to exchange the internal antenna with a pigtail for an external antenna.