Z-wave stop working


My Homey device has stopped recognizing z-wave devices. Until yesterday I could control my Aoetec (sensor and smart switch) and Fibaro (motion sensor). Suddenly, all my devices stopped working and I could not remove or add them again, so I restarted my z-wave network. Now I can not add any z-wave device. I updated the latest firmware 2.2.0 (previously 2.0.0) and reset the factory settings of my Homey without any luck. My LIFX and TP-Link (wifi devices) work well. Do you have any comments that can help me with this problem?



Did you also reset the devices to factory defaults? Even though they aren’t connected to Homey anymore, they still think they are.
You can do this by either reading the manual and following the instructions, or do it from Homey developer pages -> tools -> z-wave -> remove device.

As for the not working, bear in mind that Homey’s range isn’t big, without any powered devices to extend the range and build a mesh network, don’t look weird if devices at 6 meters can be too far.

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Hi Caseda:

Thanks for your reply! I took your advice and remove all my z-wave devices and now is working.

Thanks again!