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Connecting New Devices

I don’t have Homey yet but I’m seriously considering it…

I’ve seen a lot of things that say when pairing new devices they need to be in close proximity to Homey. Practically how does this work?

For example take a Fibaro dimmer module that will be wired behind a wall switch. Do you have to take Homey around each room to setup each dimmer module or is there a better way of doing this? Bearing in mind I’m talking about a biggish house - approx 300sqm over two levels.

Thanks in advance!

For the zwave mesh to be most stable experience shows it’s best to take Hoomey to the place where the device will be instaled. Iirc @MarcoRuiter once wrote a small how-to?

I think the link is in the old NEO topic for the manual. I will try if i can find it. But by now Bram of athom support should have had enough time to put it on the support pages or as a email sendable document.

For the record… I’m AGAINST the moving homey to the device for pairing.
This triggers new routes on a lot of other devices because best paths in the mesh and even entry points change. So it will bring down the good routes that you already have and pairs the new device with probably a bad route once you put homey back on its place.

So once more : For z-wave DONT MOVE HOMEY AROUND FOR A PAIR.
If the new device is out of reach just expand with wall plugs or just have 2 wall plugs laying around so you can put them in between of homey and the device thats hard to pair because its to far out.

Thanks @MarcoRuiter

If there is an helpful setup guide that would be great. I didn’t realise that you could use plugs as extenders at the pairing stage - makes sense to do so.

Good advice coming through here.

I didn’t think that you could pair through a mesh at the moment with homey.

When did they fix that?

I never move homey and it pairs at 20 meters away …. Thats far beyond normal zwave specs. The pair procedure should be broadcasted by the chip and homey only processes the data .

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I pair it in range of homey and then i put it behind the wall.


Also perfect . And do a heal on the devices once you placed in on its spot in dev tools page for a perfect connection