Z Wave range of Homey

I recognized, that my Homey has only a Z Wave range of around 3 meters around the device. This (of course) can be extended with more Z Wave devices, but only plug powered devices (no battery devices) act as a repeater to extend the range. Is this the “normal” behaviour of Homey? Of course I already restarted Homey, did a reset of Z Wave network and also tried several devices. Any idea how to solve this if you do not want to have several dedicated repeaters of plugs with Z Wave?

It really depends on the Z-Wave product used. I have some that communicate directly with Homey over 12 meters and some that work only within 3 meters (directly). Anyway, never had an issue with this with more devices and many of them are repeaters. The only downside of this all is that adding a product to Homey has to be done within one meter (more or less).

The “normal” abnormal behaviour, yes.

Best is to have powered devices. Else, HERE is another solution. I can pair any device from at least 10m through walls or longer in line of sight. Never missed a beat since 4 years I’ve done the mod. Not for the heart fainted, though.

I checked my z-wave network. All of them go through my first Fibaro Dimmer 2 that I set up. However, that switch is probably 7m away, behind several walls through a diagonal. 3m in open air sounds incredibly low.