Bad connection to Namron z-wave dimmer?

So i had a bad time including a new Namron 3 wire dimmer the other day. Homey found the dimmer and i could do the inclusion, but when it went forward to add the device it errored out.

The Homey and the dimmer was standing 5-6m away from each other inside my living room with a clear line of sight to each other(no walls, furnitute, or other objects) so i didn’t think it was a reception / signal issue. But i finally moved the Homey up right beside the dimmer and tried just for the giggles, and it worked?!

Well ok now that it was included i moved the Homey back to where it was again, and now it can’t communicate with the darn dimmer again.
Is this a firmware/software issue or are just the namron dimmers not compatible with the Homey or something? It’s far from (no pun intended) the adverticed 40m both devices claim to be able to do indoors :confused:

Those 40 meters is over spec’ed, 30 meters is the max for z-wave, but that is with no other 868mhz antennas nearby, which Homey does have, and perfect conditions (nothing that can interfere nearby, and nothing in between like walls, good if not perfect humidity, not too much other RF signals in the air, and a few things more)

While 5-6 meters is a little small, 8-10 is really the max (indoors) that Homey can handle in its current state (for most people), some people did do an mod to improve the range by changing the antenna out.

Inclusion is recommended to be done within 1 meter anyway, as Homey asks a lot of the device after initial pairing, way closer then 1 meter (like 10cm) is really recommended.

And a lot of things even just nearby can lower the range big time, copper wires for example, just nearby can be enough, or newer double (or triple paned) windows are awesome low frequency absorbers too.
But even a wall behind the device can be enough to lower the range.

Uhm so unless you live in a 40 square meter apt your pretty much f***d in other words? Unless you smack a wallplugg range extender in each and every vacant wall socket in the house :joy:

Well, every mains powered z-wave device is a repeater, doesn’t necessarily have to be a “repeater” specifically.

But yes, zwave is very much reliant on it being a mesh protocol that doesn’t use a lot of power, unlike WiFi.

Yeah, was hoping i didn’t have to swap out all my 433mhz dimmers and switches since Homey handle them fine, but seems like i have to anyways then :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I have different problem with Namron dimmer switches. A few days ago I bought 8 of these switches. 2 of them I had to get replaced as they didn’t respond when I tried to pair them with Homey. After a couple of days, two more switches stopped responding. I have tried to uninstall them from Homey, and then I did a factory reset. Now they will not pair up with Homey at all. The purple “ready to pair” light is flashing, but there is no response in the Namron app in Homey. Any suggestions, please?

I have the same problem. Namron dimmers keep timing out. And even worse they stop responding to presses on the wall switch too.
Not fun when the bedroom lights cannot switch off.

Is it Namron that is incompatible with Homey? My electrician installed 17 of these in my house, against my instructions, I ordered Fibaro…

Elektroimportøren AS made a change in the software a month ago. After reinstalling the Namron dimmers in the Homey, they have all worked without a flaw.

I have found Namron Z-Wave dimmer 400W not to be acceptably reliable with Homey. They are not reliably responding to on/off commands from Homey Flows and if I try to use Flows to adjust dimming levels they tend to go “unresponosive” after a while and I have to cut power to “wake them up”. I have also tried the Namron Dimmer Z-Wave 200W (rotary), but “blinking” lights when changing dimming level, and unit “freezing”, is a problem with these ones too. These types of issues is not acceptable and I have replaced all Namron dimmer-pods with Fibaro (working perfectly) and rotary dimmers with Heatit (working perfectly). Tried to talk to people at my local Elektroimportøren store about this but they claim the issues I had was unknown to them. I would recommend anyone to stay away from the Namron brand altogether. There are too many well working products out there to waste time and money on Namron.

How do you install new software on these?

I bought 3 new Namron Z-Wave 200W dimmers.

Testing one at a time, the first one has begin to be slower and also not responding.
There is an article about how to add Z-Wave deviced unsecure and that will maybe improve it.
Another one suggested to remove some files from the driver through a tool from a website.

Is this just Namron or is Z-Wave very touchy?

The dimmer is 6. meters from Homey Pro through 2 walls with plaster and wood.

I have several of these in my house. 8 total. 6 of them work just fine, with no issues. Two of them though, lose connection after a few days, and I have to cut the power to reset them for them to connect again.
Range is no issue. It is actually two of the closest ones to homey that have issues. I have connected them unsecure via the UnZ-Cure app.
I believe that the two I have issues with is due to faulty hardware, and I will probably try to return them for replacements.

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Thank you for good explaination!

I will try all the 3 dimmers and see if this fault goes for all or just one.

Did it help to add them unsecure?

Yes, it helps. Generally it makes z-wave devices respond faster.

Thanks for the info, will try it out :slight_smile:

Does it help to have more than 1 or two z-wave devices?

That depends on the distance from homey. If you have devices far away from Homey, you will need devices in between to reach them. Z-wave devices create a mesh network, and each device is able to pass along a signal to devices that are further away (not battery devices).

If your devices are close enough to homey to communicate without the need for repeater devices, less or more devices shouldn’t make a difference.

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I have now two namron dimmers communicating through z-wave. The upper one is added through namron app, the lowest through Unz-cure app. They both has the same Secure (x) symbol.

Secure (x) is unsecure